Office of Vendor Diversity

Building a Culture of Intention through Supplier Diversity

Mission Statement

Babson College is fully committed to providing equal opportunity to all qualified diverse suppliers to compete and participate in the College’s sourcing and procurement process, subject to the established policies and procedures. Babson College will facilitate tangible contract opportunities that will mutually add value to our college, our stakeholders, and the businesses that participate in our program. Babson College procurement strategy is essential to supporting our mission.


Advancing the goals of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is an essential element of Babson’s Strategic Plan, as envisioned by President Dr. Stephen Spinelli. Babson College has been recognized internationally as being #1 in Entrepreneurship studies for nearly 30 years, and we are proud to invest in a Babson Supplier Diversity program. Babson’s Supplier Diversity program recognizes that diverse suppliers live the principles of Entrepreneurship every day, and we want to engage with the Supplier Diversity Community more directly. I am particularly honored to be able to accelerate our efforts by creating Babson’s new Office of Vendor Diversity which will engage with the supplier diversity community in a consistent way.”

Katherine P. Craven
Chief Administrative and Financial Officer, Babson College

Babson College Supplier Diversity Program


Babson’s commitment to expanding the diversity of suppliers the College utilizes to support operations throughout the Campus


Actively seek to attract qualified diverse business enterprises


Commit to increasing opportunity for diverse suppliers minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned (including retired), and socially and economically disadvantaged business enterprises annually


Educate and support supplier diversity within our community. Assist uncertified diverse suppliers through the process of achieving the appropriate certification as a diverse supplier.

Importance of Supplier Diversity

  • Small and diverse suppliers contribute economic growth
  • When there are more options, more voices and more idea, there are more opportunities for business excellence;
  • Creating competitive friction;
  • Provides corporations with an opportunity to develop and grow innovation within their respective industry;
  • The future of supplier diversity is all about driving results within communities across the nation;
  • Breaking down the silos
  • Develop transparent platforms that provide information to everyone on how we can create reliable intelligence to both corporations as well as small and diverse suppliers;
  • Supplier diversity is evolving