Babson College Travel Abroad and Return Policy

The Senior Leadership at Babson College is interested in your health and safety wherever you go in the world to study or to represent the College.

The Babson College Travel Abroad and Return Policy (pdf) was established in order to facilitate your safe travel while representing the College abroad.

Please contact one of the following if you have questions or concerns about this policy:

  • Risk Management (faculty/staff traveling on College business without students)
  • The Glavin Office of International Education (students and faculty/staff traveling with students)

Refer to the College’s Business Travel policy for more general information around business travel.


The Risk Management Office supports the core mission of Babson College by protecting the assets of the College from accidental loss, and assuring the continued ability to operate and deliver services.

The Office establishes and implements risk management policies and procedures by identifying and managing the College's exposures to accidental loss.

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