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Hear from Babson students and alumni about why you should consider participating in a short-term education abroad or away program.

Please note that the ability to travel will be dependent on global conditions and may be suspended due to the pandemic.

Winter 2023

International Consulting || Travel »

Work on a consulting project focused on an international start up or portfolio company's business issue. Your consulting team will travel to the client company location to commence the consulting engagement. Learn about the local culture, economy, and historical and current business trends in preparation for your in-person client meetings and to conduct in country primary research during the pre-travel academic sessions. Receive guidance from the faculty advisor, meet weekly with the client, conduct primary and secondary research, analyze the data collected, and virtually present the findings and recommendations to the client.

Picture of Big Ben in London

LIT London Theater: Plays, Performances, and Politics || Travel »

Study drama and performance and their social and political contexts in the theater capital of the world. This course involves an immersive experience of play attendance, performance workshops, and class discussion, and takes a critical and close examination of the social and political issues implicitly and explicitly articulated in the text and performance of the plays. The course involves a combination of close reading of play texts, careful analysis of performances and their socio-political context, and engaged participation in acting workshops and tours.

A person holding a stethoscope to a small globe

OIM Rwanda: Global Health Innovation Lab || Travel »

From the modern city streets of Kigali to the serene hillsides of Butaro, work in student teams to ideate, test, and implement health innovations in Rwanda. Visit clinics and hospitals, enjoy historical and cultural sites, and work with faculty and students from the University of Global Health Equity, founded by Dr. Paul Farmer (Partners in Health). Continue your innovation projects virtually through the Spring, working also with local community health centers Dorchester and Roxbury, Mass to glean lessons learned from low and middle income settings around the world.

Spring 2023

View of Ocean and Tropical Flowers

EPS Costa Rica: Cultivating Entrepreneurial Youth Leaders || Travel »

Are you interested in strengthening your own entrepreneurial skills while empowering young changemakers in Costa Rica? If that aligns with your goals, then the Cultivating Entrepreneurial Youth Leaders course is for you. This course shows you how to teach entrepreneurship to middle and high school students and coach these youth to become agents of social change. This course will increase your own resiliency, grit, and agency as you empower students in Costa Rica to discover how they can make positive change in their lives, communities, and the world through social entrepreneurship.

City view of Malaysia

HIS Malaysia: Social Responsibility in Malaysia || Travel »

Learn how traditional culture and religion impact business ethics in the dynamic economies of Malaysia. Through visiting large companies, seeing innovative small projects, and working with local students, understand how Buddhist and Islamic values drive care for workers, the community, and the environment in Southeast Asia.

Street in Madrid

EPS Spain: Innovation Ecosystems of Spain || Travel »

Business Environment in Spain is a study abroad course designed to introduce Babson students to the diverse Spanish economy with emphasis on the regional innovation ecosystems of Madrid and Barcelona. It examines the challenges that Spain has faced in recovering from the global financial crisis of 2008 as well as the global COVID-19 pandemic. It involves a multidisciplinary orientation at Babson followed by a 10-day study tour to Madrid and Barcelona. Students will meet on-site with executives from some of the top startup and multinational organizations in Spain.

Summer 2023

Athens, Greece

HUM Rome: Origins of Democracy, Imperialism, and Human Rights || Travel »

Revisit original principles of Roman democracy and imperialism through philosophy, literature, history, and political theory, noticing how they have informed human rights, then and now. Be part of a safe, diverse learning community as you address questions of power, law, freedom, obligation, hospitality, and inequality, visiting carefully curated sites keyed to our topics. As you soak up the beauty of Rome and the Vatican, be part of a learning experience with migrants and refugees that allows you to test ideas of democracy and rights for yourself.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

MOB Irish Journey: Creative Ecosystem in Ireland || Travel»

Come travel across the countryside, city streets and seashore of Ireland to immerse in creativity and innovation in action! Immerse yourself into the creative processes, systems, cultural norms and institutions that have led Ireland to forge the reputation as one of the most innovative economies in the world. Interact with Irish entrepreneurs, business executives, artists, athletes and historians to strive to understand the ways in which creativity and innovation occur, flourish and extend far beyond the boundaries of this relatively small nation.

UG Israel Elective Abroad

MOB Israel Startup Strategy || Travel »

Israel Startup Strategy gives students an opportunity to understand the entrepreneurial ecosystem (EE) of Israel – a country of about 9.2 million people with the world's highest rate of NASDAQ listings per capita. Through direct interaction with entrepreneurs, capital providers, educators, and government officials in Israel, students come away with a new perspective on how Israeli entrepreneurs seize opportunities and overcome challenges and get experience consulting to local startups.


EPS London: Entrepreneurship New Ventures in Fashion || Travel  »

Welcome to Fashion London - a world leader in Fashion Trends and Creativity! Explore this Fashion capital past, present, and future trend-setting designs, meet with British Fashion companies and leaders in sustainable fashion.The course is designed for students who have a strong interest in entrepreneurship, fashion, innovation, fashion technology, or design and wish to participate in a dynamic cross-cultural learning experience.