Transfer To Babson

If you are coming to Babson as a new international student from a U.S. high school, college/university or language program you will likely need to transfer your immigration record to Babson in order to receive a new Form I-20 for your Babson program. 

You may be eligible for a SEVIS immigration transfer if you have active F-1 immigration status and:

  • are studying at a U.S. institution and are planning on changing schools; or
  • completed or will complete a program at a U.S. institution and have been accepted to Babson to begin a new program within five months of your prior program end date; or
  • are currently pursuing Optional Practical Training (OPT), but will start a new degree program at Babson either before your OPT ends or within five months of your OPT end date.

Important Considerations:

  • Your current International Student Advisor can only transfer your SEVIS record to one school.
  • Transferring your SEVIS record during a period of authorized Optional Practical Training (OPT) will automatically end your OPT on the SEVIS record release date.
  • You may remain in the U.S. between programs if desired.
  • You can continue to use your existing F-1 visa for as long as it is valid regardless of the school name that appears since your SEVIS ID will not change. If your F-1 visa stamp has or will expire before you plan to re-enter the U.S. you will need to renew it at a U.S. embassy/consulate using your new Babson issued Form I-20.
  • It is important to keep all previously-issued immigration documents (i.e. Form I-20s and EAD OPT cards) from any U.S. school you attended for your personal records as they may be needed in the future.

How to transfer your F-1 immigration record to Babson (SEVIS Immigration Transfer):

You will need to have paid at least your first deposit before ISSS can move forward with issuing a Form I-20 for your program at Babson. Make sure to have activated your Babson email and check it regularly from now on.

Notify the international office at your current U.S. school (whether you are currently enrolled, are in your 60-day grace period or on active OPT) of your acceptance and intent to transfer your SEVIS immigration record to Babson College.

You should work with the international student advisor/DSO at your current school to determine a release date of your SEVIS immigration record. 

  • Your SEVIS record must be transferred to Babson prior to the 1st day of academic orientation. 
  • The SEVIS record transfer process is completed electronically through the SEVIS system. 
  • Transferring your SEVIS record from one school to another could be scheduled in advance with a future date, without impacting your current study/SEVIS record.  

You may need to provide your international student advisor information, including the applicable School Code below. Babson does not have any paper forms to complete.

Babson SEVIS School Codes:

  • Babson College Main Campus (Wellesley, MA): BOS214F00030000
  • Babson Miami Campus (Miami, FL): BOS214F00030003

At the same time you plan your transfer out with your current school you should prepare documents to submit for Babson's Form I-20 request process.  View Babson's Student Visa Page for documentation and the Form I-20 online request form. Within the request form you will answer a variety of questions related to transferring your SEVIS immigration record to Babson.

Babson will issue your new I-20 after your SEVIS record has been released to us by your current institution. 

Once your Form I-20 Request is processed, you will receive a new Babson-issued Form I-20 with the notation, "transfer-pending" on page 1.  Your new Form I-20 will not have a travel signature yet on page 2. A travel signature is not needed for re-entry to the U.S. in between programs but will be required once the new program begins.

F-1 Visa Validity

  • If your current F-1 visa stamp is still valid, you do not need to renew it regardless of the school name that appears on the visa as your SEVIS ID has not changed.
  • If your F-1 visa stamp has or will expire before you plan to re-enter the U.S., you will need to renew it using your new Babson-issued Form I-20 

You are required to comply with all new international student requirements such as new student check-in, orientation programming, and address reporting. It is important to be aware of Babson's specific policies and resources while you are an international student at Babson. You will receive more information closer to the program start date.

Once the semester has started and you successfully completed the check-in process, the ISSS team within the Glavin Office will report your arrival at Babson in the SEVIS system.

A second Babson Form I-20 with the notation, “continued attendance” will be issued within the first few weeks after the start of classes. You must use this new Form I-20 (with updated travel signature) for future international travel. Electronically issued Form I-20s must be printed and signed.