Transfer from Babson College to Another U.S. School

 Transfer, as described below, refers to an "immigration record transfer" between two U.S. schools.

To transfer your SEVIS record from Babson:

  1. Contact the International Student Advisor at your new school to notify them of your intent to transfer to their institution.
  2. Notify an International Student Advisor at Babson College of your intention to transfer to a new school by completing the SEVIS Record Transfer Request Form >>.
    • You need to have your SEVIS ID (found on your Form I-20)
    • You will have to specify the date that your SEVIS record (SEVIS release date)* will be released to the new school.
    • You will need proof of acceptance to the new school.
    • You will need to provide the SEVIS School Code [contact your new school if needed for this information].
    • The International Student Advisor at your new school may ask you and Babson ISSS to complete a “Transfer-in Form” for them. You should attach this to the transfer confirmation request for us to complete.  Make sure that any sections that you need to complete have been filled out.
  3. Babson ISSS will verify your information status and set your SEVIS record to transfer to your new school. This is an online process. 

*Choosing your SEVIS release date:

  • Your release date can only be a future date.
  • Although you may be applying to multiple new schools, your SEVIS record can only be transferred to one school in SEVIS.
  • Your release date will most likely be at the end of the current term if you are currently enrolled in a program.
  • If you are on active post-completion OPT and choose a date before the end of your OPT (listed on your EAD) your OPT ends immediately on the release date and any employment must end.
  • Once the transfer release date has been reached, Babson College will no longer have access to your SEVIS record.

Travel and Reentry to the U.S.

If you plan to leave the U.S. after you have finished attending Babson and before beginning your studies at your new school, it is important that you use the Form I-20 from your new school when reentering the U.S.