Babson Electives Abroad & Away

Electives Abroad & Away at Babson are short-term courses that combine classroom instruction on the Babson campus with company site visits, cultural excursions, and hands-on experiences domestically and abroad.


Fall 2024 [Application Closed]

Stadium with Audience

LAW Atlanta: Law, Ethics & Leadership in Sports Business || Travel »

August Travel || Fall Session

Visit Atlanta and the Arthur M. Blank Sports + Entertainment businesses, including the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta United, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and PGA TOUR Superstore, and meet with organization leaders to learn how they navigate legal, ethical and management issues in sports businesses.  See how sports business leaders can use the principles of entrepreneurial leadership to address challenges in ways that build a strong company culture and further their team and business success while also being good neighbors to their communities and forces for good in society at large.  We are the A.  #RiseUp.

A person holding a stethoscope to a small globe

OIM Brazil: Global Health Innovation Lab || Travel »

August Travel || Fall Session

From the futuristic tech hub of Porto Digital in Recife to the innovative new hospital in Campina Grande, students work in teams to ideate, test, and implement health innovations in northeast Brazil. Visit clinics and hospitals, enjoy historical and cultural sites, and work with faculty and students from the Unifacisa, founded by the family of Dr. Diego Gadelha, MBA '22. Continue your projects through the fall, concluding with a bi-continental final presentation with industry leaders. 

Dublin STP

LIT Ireland: Reading the City, Writing the Self: James Joyce’s Dublin || Travel »

August Travel || Fall Session

In this exploration of Joyce’s literary Dublin, we study Joyce’s innovative works as scholars of literature and writers of our own creative non-fiction—in part in Dublin! 

The Irish writer James Joyce pushed boundaries of both form and content. In this course you read selections from many of Joyce’s works, exploring such themes as art, politics, love, and religion. As we study Joyce’s experimental writing, you pursue your own creative writing. Dublin itself is our classroom as we range from its museums to its pubs and traverse the same streets, parks, and shores that Joyce and his characters inhabited, gaining a vibrant sense of the city’s culture and history. 


Prof. Steve Bauer & Samantha Wallace

Winter 2025 [Enrollment has not started]

International Consulting || Travel »

January || Spring Session

Work on a consulting project focused on an international start up or portfolio company's business issue. Your consulting team will travel to the client company location to commence the consulting engagement. Learn about the local culture, economy, and historical and current business trends in preparation for your in-person client meetings and to conduct in country primary research during the pre-travel academic sessions. Receive guidance from the faculty advisor, meet weekly with the client, conduct primary and secondary research, analyze the data collected, and virtually present the findings and recommendations to the client.

Prof. Dwight Gertz and Prof. Kim Sawyer

San Francisco.jpg

EPS San Francisco: Innovation Odyssey: The Silicon Valley Insider Tour || Travel »

January Travel || Spring Session (Details coming soon)

Learn about how Silicon Valley started, the people who keep it going today, and how they can think about the kinds of companies they want to join or start as their careers develop. Meet and experience some of the eclectic places to explore in the Bay Area!

Zoomed out image of Cape Town

FIN South Africa: Global Context of Business: South Africa || Travel »

January Travel || Spring Session (Details coming soon)

Study in Cape Town, one of the ten most beautiful cities in the world, for two weeks and come away with a profound life transforming academic, professional, social and personal experience. Interact with the peoples and businesses of South Africa in a manner that will offer you knowledge and skills regarding the intricacies of emerging markets; qualities that are rare and highly valued across multinational organizations and corporations, and which will set you apart when you begin your professional career. See how the finance, economics, management and other knowledge acquired in your Babson classes are brought to life and placed in a unique real-world pragmatic socio-economic context. 

Spring 2025 [Enrollment has not started]

City view of Malaysia

HIS Malaysia/Thailand: Virtuous Capitalism in Malaysia and Thailand || Travel »

March Travel || Spring Session

How do Malaysians and Thais think about business ethics and how do they act in order to achieve it? How do approaches to business ethics in our own countries differ from Malaysians' and Thais'? In this course, we will ask if Malaysia and Thailand have anything to teach our countries. We will focus on three Asian faiths and cultural traditions, visit 3 socially responsible companies, and aim to understand what qualities those 3 Asian traditions share which may distinguish them generally from Western traditions in business ethics.


MKT NYC Stage: Exploring Services Marketing through Theatre and Hospitality || Travel »

March Travel || Spring Session (Details coming soon)

Set against the bustling backdrop of New York City, this course bridges the theoretical foundations of service marketing with tangible real-world examples from the world of performance, and offers an experiential opportunity in consumer psychology and theater marketing.  


Prof. Krista Cummings & Beth Wynstra 

Street in Madrid

EPS Spain: Innovation Ecosystems of Spain || Travel »

March Travel || Spring Session

Business Environment in Spain is a study abroad course designed to introduce Babson students to the diverse Spanish economy with emphasis on the regional innovation ecosystems of Madrid and Barcelona. It examines the challenges that Spain has faced in recovering from the global financial crisis of 2008 as well as the global COVID-19 pandemic. It involves a multidisciplinary orientation at Babson followed by a 10-day study tour to Madrid and Barcelona. Students will meet on-site with executives from some of the top startup and multinational organizations in Spain.

Dubai STP

HUM UAE: Post Modernism: Future Culture || Travel »

March Travel || Spring Session (Details coming soon)

We will explore Postmodernism in Dubai as a vital definition for our current historical era and its radically unique obsession with the future. This rare immersion in perhaps the most futuristic place on earth will provide us a dynamic outlook on how postmodern culture blurs the boundaries of time, space, language, memory, society, the body, the human, and reality itself. 

Summer 2025 [Enrollment has not started]

Athens, Greece

POL Greece: Ancient Athens and the Birth of Political Thought || Travel »

May Travel || Summer Session

This study abroad class in Athens (and beyond) will explore the political thought of ancient Greece through an examination of key texts, archaeological sites, historical monuments, and theatrical performances. Through a combination of guided tours, lectures, and discussions, students will gain an understanding of the ancient Greek political system and the philosophers who shaped it. 

Students drumming

EPS Made in Japan: Culture & Opportunities || Travel »

May Travel || Summer Session

Take an in-depth look and experience Japan's culture, in other words, its institutional environment (i.e., formal and informal rules of the game). You will have opportunities to examine this through various dimensions that constitute the diversity and complexity of the country's cultural/institutional environment today. Also, practice Entrepreneurial Thought and Action within the cultural/institutional environment in Japan. You will work in teams to conduct observations, identify problems and opportunities, design an entrepreneurial initiative, and assess its impact (including stakeholder analysis) and feasibility in various contexts/perspectives.


EPS London: Entrepreneurship New Ventures in Fashion || Travel  »

May Travel || Summer Session

Welcome to Fashion London - a world leader in Fashion Trends and Creativity! Explore this Fashion capital past, present, and future trend-setting designs, meet with British Fashion companies and leaders in sustainable fashion. The course is designed for students who have a strong interest in entrepreneurship, fashion, innovation, fashion technology, or design and wish to participate in a dynamic cross-cultural learning experience.

South Korea.jpg

EPS South Korea: Entrepreneurship Context || Travel»

May Travel || Summer Session (Details coming soon)

Gain a global perspective on entrepreneurship by experiencing Korean culture and learn more about entrepreneurship in South Korea. With cultural immersion activities, visits to new ventures, accelerators and companies with emerging innovations, and interactions with Korean students, you will understand societal, cultural, technological, and economic trends in Korea.  

Paris STP

MOB France: Paris Startup Strategy Elective Abroad || Travel »

May Travel // Summer Session (Details coming soon)

Revisit original principles of Roman democracy and imperialism through philosophy, literature, history, and political theory, noticing how they have informed human rights, then and now. Be part of a safe, diverse learning community as you address questions of power, law, freedom, obligation, hospitality, and inequality, visiting carefully curated sites keyed to our topics. As you soak up the beauty of Rome and the Vatican, be part of a learning experience with migrants and refugees that allows you to test ideas of democracy and rights for yourself.