International Consulting Experience

In this year’s International Consulting Experience, you will gain real-world experience consulting with an international company on a business issue under the guidance of a Babson faculty member.

You and your consulting team will learn from in-country experts about the local culture, economy, and business trends and explore the often overlooked aspects of doing business in a different environment. In this action packed semester course, your team will regularly connect with your client, conduct primary and secondary research, and ultimately deliver a client presentation with your team’s findings and recommendations.

Courses Offered in 2024-2025


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Why International Consulting?

Babson’s International Consulting Experience will provide you with some incredible benefits including:

  • Earning academic credit through consulting for an international company sponsor
    • Undergraduate 4 Advanced Elective credits
    • Graduate 3 Elective credits
  • Learning how macro-economic, social, and political trends affect the business strategies in the destination country
  • Improving your cross-cultural communication skills
  • Utilizing appropriate attitudes and knowledge about the host country and culture to develop real and applicable solutions
  • Sharpening your observational, analytical, and evaluative skills
  • Enhancing your résumé and interviewing with an experience that will differentiate you from other candidates
  • Developing an international network

Projects deal with current concerns of sponsor organizations in one or more functional areas, such as:

  • Marketing plan development
  • Marketing strategy/analysis
  • Industry analysis
  • Business development
  • Benchmark/Competitive analysis
  • Internet-related projects

Are you considering the International Consulting Experience?