Meet the EAPAs!

Education Abroad Peer Advisors

Education Abroad Peer Advisors (EAPAs) are Babson students who have studied abroad for an academic year, semester, or summer. They are here to offer peer advice and answer any questions you have while searching for a program, while you’re preparing to go, while you’re abroad, and even after you’ve returned to campus.

Chris Avallone '25

Semester abroad program(s): CIEE Open Campus Rome

Academic interest: Entrepreneurship

Hobbies: Golf, Football, Hockey, Real Estate, Volunteering

Favorite course abroad: Exploring Rome: the birthplace of the modern museum

Favorite food abroad: Cacio e Pepe

Contact me about: Budgeting, preparing, and questions about experience

During a typical day abroad I … would go to class in the morning which consisted of museum tours or field trips. Then would head towards my neighborhood and take in my surroundings and try to get a feel for the culture.

While abroad, I wish I had … became closer with the students in my program earlier. I eventually made all my memories with them.

You should go abroad because …It is a life changing experience to meet new friends, and dive into a new culture where you will never have the opportunity to travel again with no tie downs besides school and budgeting.

Felix Tsao '25

Semester abroad program(s): Bocconi University

Academic interest: Strategy and Consulting

Hobbies: working out, watching anime, cars

Favorite course abroad: Management of Small and Medium Enterprises

Favorite food abroad: Pasta

Contact me about: creating travel plans

During a typical day abroad I … would workout in the morning, finish classes, then grab aperitivos with friends by Navigli.

While abroad, I wish I had … explored Italy more.

You should go abroad because … Exploring different parts of the world not only broadens your perspective and introduces you to a variety of cultures and people but also develops your confidence, independence, and social skills. My experience abroad has been instrumental in the development of these aspects of myself.

Password Sudjitporn '24

Semester abroad program(s): Waseda University Exchange Program (Spring 2023)

Academic interest: Finance & Technology Entrepreneurship

Hobbies: Golf & Cafe Hopping

Favorite course abroad: Buddhism in Japan

Favorite food abroad: Ankimo Sushi!

Contact me about: Budgeting for study abroad, Class Registration, Making travel plans during study abroad

During a typical day abroad I … grab a coffee from Family Mart, attend classes on campus, hit the gym, have dinner and drinks at an Izakaya nearby to end the day.

While abroad, I wish I had … studied more Japanese before arriving and researched all the places that I want to visit since the first day.

You should go abroad because … It opens up your perspective on education system outside of the US and it's also a great opportunity to explore different culture and meet new people from different backgrounds.

Ceri Finz '25

Semester abroad program(s): Babson Leadership in a Global Context: Berlin & Singapore

Academic interest: Entrepreneurship, Business Management

Hobbies: Soccer, Any Sport, Reading, Nature

Favorite course abroad: Business Ethics & Leadership

Favorite food abroad: Chicken Rice

Contact me about: Why you should go abroad and how to spend time abroad.

During a typical day abroad I … work out, eat well, and spend an extreme amount of time walking and exploring outside.

While abroad, I wish I had … some regrets so I could answer this question. Everything was perfect. If I were to do everything all over again, I wouldn't change a thing.

You should go abroad because … it is the perfect opportunity to grow. Go out of your comfort zone, take classes from a different culture, understand a different lifestyle and a different mindset. Maybe you'll discover a better version of yourself.

Pratyay Agrawal '25

Semester abroad program(s): CIEE: Madrid (Fall 2023)

Academic interest: Economics, Entrepreneurship

Hobbies: Chess, Soccer, Stock Market, Travelling

Favorite course abroad: Entrepreneurship and Start-Up Culture

Favorite food abroad: Poffertjes

Contact me about: First Generation Student abroad

During a typical day abroad I … Explored Madrid, Planned for trips outside Madrid, Played football.

While abroad, I wish I had … Explored the hidden gems of Spain

You should go abroad because …Experiential learning opportunities, Exploring new countries and cultures, Global networking.

Tamar Salant '25

Semester abroad program(s): Arcadia: University of Westminster (Fall 2023)

Academic interest: Accounting

Hobbies: Nordic Skiing, Soccer, Travel, Going to Concerts

Favorite course abroad: Monarchy: A Royal History of London

Favorite food abroad: Gelato in Italy

Contact me about: Budgeting for Abroad and Solo Travel

During a typical day abroad I … would walk to class followed by some shopping on Regent St or Oxford St, explore a new area of London or local pub with friends and end the day cooking dinner and planning my next weekend trip!

While abroad, I wish I had … Utilized more resources Westminster and its faculty has to offer. Many professors have lived in London their whole life and would be happy to recommend hidden local spots or go with you!

You should go abroad because … It allows you to discover more about yourself and your interests on a whole new level. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime to explore and get a taste for what’s out in this world— embrace new culture and experiences and meet people who may just become some of your lifelong friends.

Caroline King '25

Semester abroad program(s): University of Manchester, Alliance Business School (Fall 2023)

Academic interest: Marketing, Strategy & Consulting

Hobbies: Working Out, Going on walks, Reading, Podcasts

Favorite course abroad: Marketing & Society

Favorite food abroad: Paella (in Barcelona)

Contact me about: Budgeting for abroad

During a typical day abroad I … would wake up and go to Pret to get a coffee, and then head to the library to get some work done or go to my classes. After that, I would cook myself a good meal then head to the gym!

While abroad, I wish I had … better budgeting skills and traveled to local areas.

You should go abroad because … It is truly a once in a lifetime experience. It changes you in the best way possible, and you will (most likely) never be in this great of a situation again to travel so effortlessly!

Solana Fahey '25

Semester abroad program(s): CEA CAPA Education Abroad Florence, Italy (Fall 2023)

Academic interest: Operations and Business Analytics

Hobbies: Lacrosse, listening to podcasts, walking, cooking

Favorite course abroad: Italian Cinema

Favorite food abroad: Tagliatelle

Contact me about: Babson Athlete abroad, Budgeting for abroad

During a typical day abroad I … would grab a coffee and go to class, work out, walk around to explore new areas, grab dinner and gelato, and go out with friends!

While abroad, I wish I had … ate at more restaurants in my host country.

You should go abroad because … it is an experience for immense growth, learning and fully submerging yourself into a new culture. You will gain personal development, lifelong friendships, and memories that will leave a lasting impact.

Jonathan Howell '25

Semester abroad program(s): CIEE: Cape Town Arts & Sciences

Academic interest: Marketing

Hobbies: Sports and Painting

Favorite course abroad: Cinematic History

Favorite food abroad: Ostrich & Kudu

Contact me about: Obtaining Visas & Budgeting

During a typical day abroad I … went to campus for class, enjoyed time hiking/surfing/spending time at the beach, and hung out with friends.

While abroad, I wish I had … the ability to share it with some Babson friends.

You should go abroad because … it opens up your eyes to another culture and truly is an exciting experience.

Manal Maigari '25

Semester abroad program(s): Umbra institute Perugia

Academic interest: Operations

Hobbies: journaling, cooking, and shopping

Favorite course abroad: Anthropology of Food and Eating

Favorite food abroad: Pasta of all kinds

Contact me about: What to pack

During a typical day abroad I … would normally wake up around 9:30am and have breakfast near my apartment by around 11. I live just 1 minute away from Piazza IV Novembre, so I have endless options, but my favorite one is Turan Cafe. After breakfast, I hangout with my friends, we normally go shopping, and by 7:30 we head to dinner at my favorite place, Taverna Il Tiesto, which has the best pasta in Perugia. By 11 pm I home.

While abroad, I wish I had … more phone storage, I took photos of everything. Italy is stunning, and I traveled to several other beautiful countries, I just wanted to photograph everything.

You should go abroad because … It is such a life-changing experience; the world is so much bigger than what people think. There are so many new cultures to explore, even in Italy itself. Each region has its own traditions, and it's just so fun to learn.

Christina Crochetiere '25

Semester abroad program(s): Babson Leadership in a Global Context: Berlin and Singapore (Fall 2023)

Academic interest: Entrepreneurship, Social and Cultural Studies, Hospitality Management

Hobbies: Singing, Improv, Planning trips, Exploring, Nature

Favorite course abroad: Entrepreneurial Ventures in Singapore

Favorite food abroad: pretzels at every train stop in Germany; kaya toast in Singapore.

Contact me about: Budgeting for abroad

During a typical day abroad I … would attend class in the morning, spend the rest of the day knocking things off of my "abroad experiences" list, and think of more things to add to the list while I'm out!

While abroad, I wish I had … taken more weekend trips to other cities.

You should go abroad because … now is your best chance! You will learn so much about the world.

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