On-Campus Employment

Work that qualifies as on-campus employment must be paid through Babson’s payroll with specific exceptions, including vendors on campus that provide direct services to the Babson community (i.e. bookstore, dining facilities).

Current Babson students in F-1 and J-1 status who are maintaining valid status are eligible for on-campus employment. Opportunities range from administrative positions in offices to working at the ice skating rink. Positions can be found online through the Student Employment Office. All students must have a Social Security Number (SSN) before beginning employment.


  • F-1 Students do not need authorization to work on-campus. However, to apply for a Social Security number (SSN), students must complete and submit the On-Campus Employment & SS Request Form.
  • J-1 Students must receive authorization BEFORE beginning on-campus employment from an international student advisor in the Glavin Office by submitting the On-Campus Employment & SS Request Form.
Note: You must have received your SSN and completed all student employment paperwork before beginning your on-campus employment. It takes about two weeks to receive an SSN after applying at the Social Security Administration office.


  • On-campus employment encompasses jobs that are paid directly by Babson College or direct affiliates. Employment at the Babson Campus Store (run by Follett), Babson Dining Services (run by Chartwells), or the Babson Executive Conference Center is considered on-campus employment BECAUSE these companies at these locations are contracted to provide direct service to Babson students.​
  • On-campus employment is limited to part-time (up to 20 hours/week) during the academic year; it may be full-time (over 20 hours/week) during official college vacation.
  • New students must have completed new student check-in through ISSS, U.S. address reporting and must have been registered in the SEVIS immigration system before the request form can be signed.
  • A student must never be paid directly by a Babson employee for activities, including assistance with research, grading, or personal tasks such as babysitting, yard work, etc. as these are not permitted under the definition of on-campus employment.
Examples of employment that is NOT considered on-campus employment:
  • A professor paying a student directly to help with a project/research
  • Tutoring outside of official Babson tutor positions
  • Posting flyers or advertising for a company on campus
  • Remotely working from your on-campus residence for a company
  • Answering an advertisement you saw posted on campus

Meet with an international student adviser in the Glavin Office BEFORE beginning any employment to be sure that you do not accidentally engage in unlawful employment.

On-Campus Employment & SSN Request Form Processing

Students should plan for at least two weeks for the entire SSN processing.

Step 1 Student completes Section One of the On Campus Employment SSN Request Form (pdf) (fillable PDF)
Step 2 Student emails the Request Form to their Hiring Supervisor/Department to Complete & Sign Section Two electronically. It needs to be returned to the student.
Step 3 Student obtains their online I-94 record showing their most recent U.S. travel entry in student status.
Step 4 Student submits the Request Form (with Sections One & Two completed) along with their most recent I-94 record to ISSS for 1-2 business day processing. Submit to ISSS online »
Step 5 Student receives Request Form back from ISSS with Section Three completed. Student applies for Social Security number at local Social Security Administration office in person and waits for SSN to arrive.
Step 6 Student receives SSN and follows up with the Student Employment Office provide SSN and complete any remaining hiring paperwork.
Step 7 Student reports to supervisor to begin working, ensuring that to comply with Student Employee responsibilities, including reporting hours worked each week in Workday.