Requesting J-1 Visiting Scholar Status

International scholars may be invited by Babson College to engage in temporary academic activities such as research and teaching at Babson College in J-1 Exchange Visitor status for up to five years.

In order to host an international visiting scholar in J-1 immigration status, the U.S. Department of State requires all participants to meet specific requirements.  Babson host departments must ensure that the scholar has been informed of the requirements listed below prior to submitting an invitation request:

  • Participation in cultural exchange opportunities within the Babson community
  • English language proficiency, academic credentials (at least a bachelor's degree), and relevant professional experience to conduct the activities for which s/he has been invited
  • Adequate financial resources to support her/himself for the duration of the appointment
  • Health insurance coverage which satisfies the U.S. Department of State and the state of Massachusetts healthcare mandates

Process for a Visiting Scholar to join Babson in J-1 Status

1. Babson Host Department​

  • Contact the Dean of the Faculty's Office (DOF) for approval and to initiate pre-screening requirements BEFORE issuing an invitation letter.

  • The DOF will notify the department that an invitation letter can be issued.

  • Issue an invitation letter, click here for a sample letter J1 Visiting Scholar Invitation Letter.docx.  You will be asked to attach a PDF of the signed letter to the Department Request (see below).  The letter must include:

    • Specific program start and end date (start date cannot be altered once Form DS-2019 is issued)

    • Description of the scholar's primary activities (i.e. teaching, research, observation). Be specific, include the subject matter of the research or name of course.

    • Exact compensation in U.S. dollars which will be provided to the scholar. If no compensation will be provided, this should be clearly stated.  Note: the scholar must demonstrate $2000 per month.

  • Submit Department Request for a J-1 Visiting Scholar »

2. Glavin Office 

Within two business days of receiving approval from both the host department chair, the Glavin Office will email the visiting scholar instructions to request a Form DS-2019 from Babson.

3. Visiting Scholar

  • Gather the following documentation (in electronic format):
    • Passport identification page(s)
    • Evidence of funding for your stay in the U.S. ($2000 per month required; more for dependent family member(s) joining you in J-2 status)
    • If applicable:

      • Most recent entry stamp and visa (if currently in the U.S.)
      • Previously issued Form DS-2019(s) and J-1/J-2 entry visa stamp(s)
      • Passport identification page(s) for any dependent family members(s)
  • Submit Form DS-2019 Request  »

4. Glavin Office 

Within three business days, the Glavin Office will mail the visiting scholar:
  • Form DS-2019 (certificate of eligibility for J-1 Exchange Visitor status)
  • J-1 Visiting Scholar invitation letter (if original not yet sent by the department)
  • Health Insurance Verification Form
  • Additional instructions for securing a J-1 entry visa        

5. Visiting Scholar

  • Use Form DS-2019 to pay the SEVIS fee and schedule a J-1 visa interview

  • Obtain mandatory health insurance coverage

  • After receipt of a J-1 entry visa, travel to the U.S. (no earlier than 30 days prior to the Form DS-2019 start date)

  • At the U.S. border, present your: passport, J-1 entry visa, Form DS-2019, SEVIS fee receipt, Babson invitation letter, and funding evidence.

    • If you plan to enter the U.S. after the start date on Form DS-2019, notify the Glavin Office ASAP

  • Check-in with the Glavin Office (Hollister Hall, Suite 220) upon arrival to the U.S.