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Receive your decision from Babson

Your Babson education abroad application will either be “approved” or “not approved” and you will be notified by email on or after the decision date for the to which you are applying. Approval of your Babson application is needed in order to be nominated to your external program, apply your financial aid to your education abroad program costs, receive Babson support throughout your time abroad, and finally to receive Babson credit upon completion of your program. This decision is separate from being “accepted” or “admitted” by your external program (see below).

Receive your decision from external program* 

You will receive your final admission decision directly from your external program. Approval from Babson does not guarantee admission to the external program. Students who are approved by Babson and not admitted to the external program may contact their education abroad advisor to explore alternative options or terms. 

* Depending on application timelines, this step may occur after you have officially committed to education abroad with Babson (see below).

Commit to education abroad*

Once approved, you will have until October 15 (spring) or March 15 (academic year, summer, fall) to officially commit to your program in your education abroad application. Once you have committed, you will be held to Babson’s education abroad cancellation policy. You will no longer be able to register for courses at Babson or apply for housing for the term you are abroad.

* Depending on application timelines, this step may occur before you receive your admission decision from the external program (see below). 

Other steps on the education abroad roadmap

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