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Glavin Global Fellows

Be a mindful member of our global community. Glavin Global Fellows (GGF) is a community of undergraduate students who are passionate about global issues, language study, and international experiences on campus and beyond. 

GGF Benefits

  • On-campus programming and speaker events
  • Sponsorship for global and/or language case competitions
  • Networking opportunities with other globally-minded students and with GGF alumni
  • Mini-grant funding opportunities for study, research, or internship abroad
  • Digital Badge that highlights the intersection of global studies, language learning and experiential opportunities. 
  • Advisory support by the GGF Board of faculty, staff, and other advocates

GGF Highlights

Cover 22-23 Glavin Global Fellows Annual Report

2022-2023 Annual Report »

View the 2022-2023 Annual Report to learn about exciting ways that students engaged with GGF through the 22-23 Academic Year.


GGF Projects »

Learn about recent GGF projects including Mithila Art: An Entrepreneurial Tool for Social Change, Bygge Hygge: Deconstructing Happiness in Denmark, and Double Defection: North Korean Refugees in South Korean Society.

Join Glavin Global Fellows

Undergraduate students may join GGF at any point during their time at Babson. To join, fill out the GGF Interest Form. You will be added to our email list and LinkedIn community.

Engage with GGF

GGF holds programming both on campus and virtually. Activities include:

  • Fall and spring kick-off events
  • Alumni panel discussions
  • Collaborative events with the Center for Career Development around developing and articulating your global and intercultural competencies 
  • Opportunities to attend local speaker events
  • Sponsorship for global and/or language case competitions

Glavin Global Fellows can take advantage of grant opportunities for exploration of international or multicultural endeavors. Grant funds are to help fellows pursue experiences that will enhance their critical thinking on global and multicultural issues.

Eligibility and application requirements »

See previous Glavin Global Fellows grant projects »

The Glavin Global Fellows badge is an opportunity for fellows to highlight the intersection between globally focused courses they took in the Babson curriculum, language proficiency and their global/multicultural experiences. This four-year pathway ensures that students develop and apply global competencies that prepare them to be entrepreneurial leaders with a global mindset. 

If you are interested in earning the Glavin Global Fellows badge, please fill out the intent form. In order to earn the badge, you must complete the following prior to graduation:

  1. Two or more courses in a foreign language
  2. One advanced humanities elective (from the Arts & Humanities or History & Society divisions) with an international or multicultural focus
  3. One advanced elective in international economics
  4. One advanced global business or law elective
  5. An international experience: internship, international study, or service learning experience abroad (or a U.S.-based experience with a multicultural focus).

Students in GGF are not required to participate in the badge program. 

GGF Advisors

Associate Professor Director, Languages and Global Cultures

Dean, Babson Academy & Global Education

Senior Director, International Education

Assistant Professor, Management

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Glavin Global Fellows program, please email the Glavin Office or call 781-239-4565.