Babson Electives Abroad

Explore a new culture and build your global network on an eight day program while you apply coursework in Entrepreneurship, Design Practices, Start Up/International Strategy, and Global Brand Management. You will move beyond the typical tourist experience with faculty-curated cultural tours, conversations with global business leaders, collaboration with students at universities around the world, and connections with global alumni networks. Earn 3 credits and travel with your fellow classmates for a one-of-a-kind abroad experience during your semester break!

Courses 2022-2023

MFE International Consulting Experience || Travel »

Winter Travel || Spring Session

Work on a consulting project focused on an international company’s business issue. Your team will travel to the company location to commence the consulting engagement. Learn about the local culture, economy and historical and current business trends in preparation for your in-person client meetings and conduct in country primary research during the pre-travel academic sessions. Receive guidance from the faculty advisor, meet weekly with the client, conduct primary and secondary research, analyze the data collected, and virtually present the findings and recommendations to the client.

ECN Business Models, Competitiveness, and the Changing European Environment || Travel »

March Travel || Spring Session

We will Immerse ourselves in Milan, the industrial center of Northern Italy, to study how Italian and global multinational companies stay ahead of competition when facing changes in consumer trends, disruptive competitors, challenges in their supply channels and changes in the European Union and its regulations. Learn from interactions with family businesses of well known luxury brands and organizational leaders of global companies how they fine-tune their business models to succeed in global markets. We will soak up the Milanese culture and  integrate historic aspects of Italy to understand how art, and history shape and impact business.

Previous Course Offerings

Previous short-term program course offerings include:

  • EPS7538 Japan: Institutions and Entrepreneurship
  • EPS7543 Technology, Entrepreneurship and Design in Sweden
  • MOB7526 Doing Business in Brazil
  • MOB7553 Hong Kong Startup Strategy

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