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Attend an info session (highly recommended)

Education abroad informational sessions are held every week during the semester. These sessions cover a variety of topics ranging from an overview of the education abroad process and selecting a program, information about specific types of programs or for specific student identities. You can view the schedule of info sessions below.

Summer-Fall 2023 Information Session Schedule

All information sessions will take place in US Eastern Time. Please register here to receive the link for your session(s) of choice. Currently, all sessions will be held via Webex. 

Date and Time Topic
Wednesday   8/2,      6:00 PM EST Application Tips 
Thursday      8/31,     3:00 PM EST Babson Abroad 101
Wednesday   9/6,      7:00 PM EST Babson Abroad 101
Tuesday         9/12,    11:00 AM EST Application Tips 
Friday            10/13,   12:00 PM EST Babson Abroad 101
Monday         10/30,   6:00 PM EST Babson Abroad 101
Thursday       11/16,   1:00  PM EST Babson Abroad 101
Friday             12/1,     2:00 PM EST Babson Abroad 101

Visit education abroad brochures and website

At the education abroad brochure site, you can search for programs, view information about Babson’s approved programs, and open an application when you are ready. Make sure to check that you are eligible with your current GPA and class standing.

The education abroad website is where you currently are, and contains information about the full process of education abroad from start to finish.

Review information about academic planning, financial planning, diversity and inclusion, and education abroad policies

Careful financial planning and budgeting is a key piece of this investment. Please visit our Financing your Education Abroad web page for information about the cost of education abroad and for information about grants and scholarships.

You can view the list of courses that have already been evaluated at any given program/institution in the Education Abroad Course Evaluations folder (you must use your Babson login to access this folder). 

You may meet with your Student Success Advisor as you map out your course schedule for your term abroad. The courses you plan to take abroad must be evaluated so that the credits will transfer back to Babson. This process will be reviewed in detail during the pre-departure course in Canvas.

Visit the Education Abroad Diversity & Inclusion resources page.

Make an appointment with an education abroad advisor

You can make an appointment to talk to an education abroad advisor about your process of selecting a program, information about specific programs you are looking at, or any questions you may have about the education abroad process as a whole. Advisors can discuss topics relating to financial aid and education abroad, identity abroad (race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and others), and education abroad policies.

Visit the Student Success Hub to schedule appointments.

You can schedule an appointment with an advisor by contacting the Glavin Office front desk.

Email an education abroad advisor

Contact an education abroad advisor via email to ask questions about programs or the education abroad process. You can view who is the advisor for a specific program within the contact information on a program’s brochure page. View the list of education abroad advisors on the Glavin Office staff page.

Talk to an EAPA or returnee

Education Abroad Peer Advisors (EAPAs for short) are Babson students who have studied abroad for an academic year, semester, or summer. They are here to offer peer advice and answer any questions you have while searching for a program, while you’re preparing to go, while you’re abroad, and even after you’ve returned to campus. View profiles and contact information of each of our current EAPAs.

Contact external program staff or advisor

You may also contact the staff or advisors that work for the specific program you are looking at. Many program providers will list the contact information for their advisors.

Other steps on the education abroad roadmap

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