If you have violated the terms of your F-1 status, U.S. federal regulations require that you must regain valid status before you can become eligible for any of the benefits of this status.

Some of these benefits include Form I-20 travel signatures, and on-campus and off-campus work authorization. If you apply for, and are granted, a reinstatement, this means that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has forgiven your violation.

Reinstatement cannot be granted to those whose are employed without authorization, or to those who have been out of status for more than 5 months. Reinstatement may be granted to applicants whose violation was beyond their control or to those whose violation was of a technical nature.

You should understand that there is always the possibility that a reinstatement application will be denied, and therefore you could be required to depart from the U.S. on short notice. You should consult an immigration attorney if you have any concerns.

Some common violations of F-1 status:

  • Failure to complete 12 credits each semester without a authorization from an International Student Advisor (ISA)
  • Failure to obtain a new Form I-20 before returning to Babson after a leave of absence 
  • Failure to request a transfer procedure within 15 days of enrollment at Babson 
  • Unauthorized off-campus employment 
  • Working more than 20 hours/week during the academic year


How to apply for reinstatement:

  • Request a new Form I-20 for reinstatement (note that if your financial documentation is older than one year, you will need to submit new proof of financial ability)
  • Write a cover letter addressed to the USCIS explaining how you violated your F-1 status 
  • Complete Form I-539
  • Obtain a bank check or money order for $200 made out to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (personal checks and cash are NOT acceptable)
  • Obtain an official transcript from Babson College

Mail this information to the following address (please note that USCIS does not honor walk-in appointments for reinstatement):

USCIS Boston District Office 
John F. Kennedy Federal Building 
Government Center 
Boston, MA 02203 
Attn: Student/Schools Officer

If you are reinstated:

  • Bring your Form I-20 to the Glavin Office to be reviewed and photocopied. 
  • You are now eligible to work on campus, apply for off-campus work authorization (if you have completed one academic year of F-1 status) or obtain a signature on your Form I-20 for travel and re-entry.

If you are not reinstated:

  • You may be given a short time to depart the U.S. We advise you to contact an immigration attorney immediately if this occurs.