Course Offering Cards

A person holding a stethoscope to a small globe

OIM Brazil: Global Health Innovation Lab || Travel »

August Travel || Fall Session

From the beaches of Joao Pessoa to the technologically advancing clinics of Campina Grande and Porto Digital in Recife, work in student teams to ideate, test, and implement health innovations in Brazil. Visit clinics and hospitals, enjoy historical and cultural sites, and work with faculty and students from the Unifacisa, founded by the family of Dr. Diego Gadelha, MBA '22. Continue your projects through the fall, concluding with a bi-continental final presentation with industry leaders.

STR International Consulting Experience || Travel »

January Travel || Spring Session

Work on a consulting project focused on an international company’s business issue. Your team will travel to the company location to commence the consulting engagement. Learn about the local culture, economy and historical and current business trends in preparation for your in-person client meetings and conduct in country primary research during the pre-travel academic sessions. Receive guidance from the faculty advisor, meet weekly with the client, conduct primary and secondary research, analyze the data collected, and virtually present the findings and recommendations to the client.

Iceland scenery with waterfall

MOB Iceland: Strategy and Economic Disruption in Iceland || Travel »

March Travel || Spring Session (Details coming soon)

This course involves an interdisciplinary approach toward understanding strategy, economics, and entrepreneurship amid disruption and what successful business leaders have done to continually adapt and find new opportunities in a rapidly and drastically changing environment. Meet and learn from business leaders and entrepreneurs in Reykjavik, Akureyri, and other areas in Iceland.

Buildings and boat in Denmark

OIM Denmark: Technology, Design, and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Systems || Travel »

May Travel || Summer Session (Details coming soon)

Experience Denmark’s sustainable economic system that is unique and aspirational. Observe how sustainable innovations and entrepreneurial thinking were implemented with business model innovations for scaling ideas. You will interact with business leaders engaged in sustainable transformation of key economic areas involving energy, food, mobility, building, and industrial production.