Entrepreneurial Thought & Action®

Act, Learn, Build

As the No. 1 leader in entrepreneurship for 26 consecutive years, Babson is globally recognized for our one-of-a-kind Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® (ET&A) methodology that teaches undergraduates, graduates, and executives to balance action, experimentation, and creativity with a deep understanding of business fundamentals and rigorous analysis as the ideal approach to creating economic and social value.

But what does that mean?

Using entrepreneurship as a way to look at the world, we can solve more than just business problems. ET&A™ is a methodology. You can apply it to innovating within a large corporation, raising a family, creating a charity, solving global social issues, or starting a business.

Start with the Means at Hand

Because you are empowered to take action, you can control the future. By starting with who you are, what you know, and whom you know, you can work with what you have to pursue your idea. But, you first have to stop worrying about what you want to accomplish and focus on what you want to do next.

Take the First Step

From one action, you’ll get new data and information that you can use to guide further action and reassess and adjust your goal as necessary. And, then you’ll take the next step. And, the next, and the next, until you’ve overcome obstacles, adapted to others, and accomplished your goal—though likely it’s not the one with which you started.

Make a Difference

Above all, what you do matters and can make a difference. (ET&A) is a method of social change that allows you to value purpose as much as profit. By understanding yourself in the context of social, economic, and environmental issues, you have the ability to balance prediction and creation to take action on issues that would ordinarily stump you.

Get Started

The good news is we don’t believe entrepreneurial leaders are individuals who are born with this set of characteristics. You can learn to act and think entrepreneurially to create the future you want.

And, you can only learn it at Babson.