Entrepre­neur­ship of All Kinds​​​​​​​​​​​​​​®

We are all entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship often is associated with startups, and venture capital, and business incubators.

But, at Babson, we’ve redefined what entrepreneurship means to include all of the brilliant improvisers who continually assess how to use their strengths and resources at hand to evolve and reach their goals. You’ll see the most successful organizations of all types and sizes use entrepreneurship to creatively solve problems and adapt to change, and people from all different backgrounds and perspectives are practicing entrepreneurship to push their ideas forward.

Anyone from novelists and race car drivers to ministers, teachers, and artists can use an entrepreneurial mindset to solve challenges just as marketing directors, CEOs, and sales teams can use it within their organizations to creatively add to their businesses’ bottom line.

The individuals or groups who use Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® to transform opportunity into reality practice Entrepreneurship of All Kinds.

Are you one of them?​​​​​​​