Community Impact (FY 2009-2010)

Babson College, through the work of its students, faculty, and staff, and through financial contributions, adds significant value to the towns of Wellesley and Needham, and to the community at large.

"The surest way to live forever is through the giving of love, time, and money. To live today, we must earn and save; to live forever we must serve and give." — Roger W. Babson

President Len SchlesingerI am pleased to present to you Babson in the Community for 2009–2010, a summary of the College’s active participation as citizens of Wellesley and Needham.

I have always believed both as a manager and as a citizen that anyone who lives in a community has an obligation to give back to that community, and it is important that Babson continues to have a large and positive impact on its neighbors.

Our collaboration with Wellesley and Needham dates back 90 years and takes many forms: purchasing from local businesses; offering our facilities; hosting events; and providing student, staff, and faculty volunteers. When we consider the cumulative impact of these and many other ways we are involved locally, we know we are making a difference.

Please continue to join us on campus for Babson educational, sports, and cultural events that are open to the citizens of Wellesley and Needham. Whether on or off campus, we look forward to many more years of a strong and productive partnership.

Leonard A. Schlesinger 
President, Babson College