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Entrepreneurial leaders share three defining characteristics that make them different from every other type of leader. They are strong risk managers. They are exceptional uncertainty navigators. They are highly skilled ambiguity explorers. These three traits work together, enabling entrepreneurial leaders to take action, solve problems, and create value while others are still analyzing the situation. 

At Babson College, we believe that entrepreneurial leadership is both a mindset and a skillset, and we know it can be taught. Entrepreneurial leaders turn problems into opportunities that create economic and social value, for themselves, for their organizations, and for society at large. 

With a $50 million gift from the Blank Family Foundation, Babson has established the Arthur M. Blank School for Entrepreneurial Leadership. This new school will create opportunities for the entire Babson College community to lead change, solve global problems, and create value across business and society. Entrepreneurial leadership is also taught throughout Babson's undergraduate, graduate, and executive education programs, and Babson Academy supports today's educators as they develop teaching strategies to empower tomorrow's entrepreneurial leaders.

What Does Entrepreneurial Leadership Mean at Babson? 

Mobilizing others to create growth and innovation within organizations is just the beginning. Entrepreneurial leaders possess both the tools and strategies to effectively lead, as well as an entrepreneur's make-it-happen mindset.

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The Entrepreneurial Leadership Mindset

Entrepreneurial leadership is a mindset that sees opportunities where others see problems. We know this mindset is a muscle you can strengthen with the right practice. See what entrepreneurial leadership means to our president, faculty, and alumni.

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Insights from Entrepreneurial Leadership Programs Faculty

With decades of research expertise and practical training, our faculty teach entrepreneurial leadership at all levels: undergraduate, graduate, executive education, and they even teach other entrepreneurship educators through Babson Academy.


Babson's Entrepreneurial Leadership Development Programs

No matter your goals, you'll find entrepreneurial leadership programs to help bring them to life at Babson. Take advantage of entrepreneurial leadership training online and in person, across our undergraduate, graduate, and executive education programs. 

See our Entrepreneurial Leaders in Action

Graduates of Babson's entrepreneurial leadership development programs are elevating their impact in organizations and industries around the world. 

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