Developed at Babson College, the world's top school for entrepreneurship, The New Entrepreneurial Leader presents a radically new approach specifically designed to meet the drastically changed needs and circumstances of the post-crash world.

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New Book Based on Research at Babson College


For more information see The New Entrepreneurial Leader book site and author blog.

For more information see The New Entrepreneurial Leader book site and author blog.

Our economic crisis has shown that we need a fundamentally new kind of business leader—able to make ethical decisions in the face of strategic unknowns, serve the environment and society while also serving the needs of investors and shareholders, and understand how their personality and the social context in which they operate impacts their leadership.

Developed at Babson College, the world’s top school for entrepreneurship, The New Entrepreneurial Leader: Developing Leaders Who Shape Social and Economic Opportunity (September 2011; hardcover) presents a radically new approach specifically designed to meet the drastically changed needs and circumstances of the post-crash world.

Entrepreneurial leadership is inspired by, but separate from, entrepreneurship. It can be applied in any organizational situation, not just start-ups. Based on extensive research, it embraces three principles that add up to the fundamentally new worldview of business and a new logic of decision-making.

Leaders today must be “cognitively ambidextrous,” meaning they must have the ability to shift between analytic and action-oriented approaches—and know when to take action even when all the variables aren’t known.They must look beyond the traditional balance sheet, creating social, environmental and economic value.And they need a deep awareness of how their decisions are impacted by who they are—their values, biases, background and capabilities—as well as the social and cultural context in which they operate.

The authors of The New Entrepreneurial Leader discovered that rapid change and increasing uncertainty require leaders to be able to shift between traditional “prediction logic” (choosing actions based on analysis of known trends) and “creation logic” (taking action despite considerable unknowns). Guiding this different way of thinking is a different worldview of business and society, where simultaneous creation of social, environmental, and economic value is the order of the day. Entrepreneurial leaders also leverage their understanding of themselves and their social context to guide effective action.

Each chapter in the book offers concrete examples of how educators across all disciplines are integrating these ideas into their courses, and even their entire curricula. The book lays out a comprehensive new paradigm for reinventing management education in order to mold leaders who will shape social and economic opportunity.

About the Authors

Greenberg, McKone-Sweet and Wilson, along with some of the top faculty at Babson, outline this new model in detail, explaining precisely how both educators and entrepreneurs can hone these three core competencies for coping with the demands and uncertainties of the modern world.

Danna Greenberg is Associate Professor of Management at Babson College, where she holds the Mandell Family Term Chair. She has published more than 30 articles in journals such as Journal of Management and Administrative Science Quarterly.

Kate McKone-Sweet is Associate Professor of Operations Management at Babson College and Chair of the Technology, Operations, and Information Management Division. Her work has appeared in publications such as the Journal of Operations Management and Production Operations Management.

H. James Wilson is a senior researcher and writer at Babson Executive Education. His research appears regularly on Harvard Business Review Online. He is co-author of What’s the Big Idea? Creating and Capitalizing on the Best New Management Thinking (Harvard Business Press).

The New Entrepreneurial Leader: Developing Leaders Who Shape Social and Economic Opportunity by Danna Greenberg, Kate McKone-Sweet, and H. James Wilson. Berrett-Koehler Publishers; September 2011 $34.95; hardcover; 288 pages; 978-1-60509-344-4

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