ISO to Go’ allows users to view New England power grid and wholesale pricing information; need for user-friendly information initially identified by Babson College graduate students

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ISO to Go, a free mobile application available for download by iPhone and Android smartphone users, has been developed by ISO New England Inc., the operator of the region’s high-voltage power system and administrator of wholesale electricity markets. In 2011, Babson College graduate students visited ISO New England and identified the need for access to user-friendly, ISO New England information in the form of a mobile “app.”

The ISO to Go mobile app has been designed to broaden the accessibility of ISO New England information to a wider audience, including those with little or no familiarity with the regional power system as well as those who actively participate in New England’s wholesale electricity markets.

“This mobile application makes it easy for anyone, wherever they are, to check on grid conditions, follow wholesale electricity prices, see what fuels are being used to generate electricity, and learn more about the region’s power system,” said Gordon van Welie, president and CEO of ISO New England Inc. “As smartphones and other smart devices increase in use, we’re very pleased to offer this new way for people to access information about the grid. We appreciate the input we received from the Babson College students.”

The Babson graduate students provided input into the types of information that college students and the general public would find helpful, such as levels of energy consumption and when to conserve electricity. ISO to Go provides smartphone access to the most frequently viewed real-time data on the ISO New England website,, and data portal, ISO Express. With the mobile app, users can view current power grid conditions; the five-minute load graph, which compares forecasted demand and real-time consumer demand; and an array of real-time wholesale electricity price data.


ISO to Go Features and Functions

Using ISO to Go, consumers can learn about key components of the grid—such as generation, transmission, distribution, and demand—as well as power consumption scenarios that explain how varying levels of demand affect both wholesale electricity prices and the types of fuels used to generate electricity. For others interested in real-time wholesale electricity prices, the app features locational marginal pricing (LMP) maps and prices by wholesale pricing zone. In addition, users can see pricing at more than 150 places across New England by using a “geo” feature that automatically selects the nearest city based on their smartphone’s GPS coordinates.

The mobile app includes real-time data on grid conditions and how much electricity is being consumed in New England at a given time. Also included in the app is newly available information on the fuels used to generate New England’s electricity. A pie chart shows the “fuel mix” by resource type (such as natural gas, oil, or nuclear generation) currently providing electricity to the power grid, as well as the type of fuel expected to be used to produce the next increment of power generation if consumer demand increases. This information can help consumers learn how their electricity use affects the types of fuels used to generate power in New England. The fuel mix information also is available through ISO Express.


ISO New England Now Offers Several Communication and Information Channels

The ISO to Go mobile app is one of several ways to access information and data about the region’s power grid and wholesale electricity markets. In December 2011, ISO New England replaced its original data portal with a new, updated version—ISO Express— a customizable, one-stop data portal, with graphical views of real-time market and power system information. This past May, ISO Express was expanded to include current and historical market pricing information that can be downloaded in a reportable form.

The ISO to Go mobile app is a natural extension of the ISO Express portal and furthers ISO New England’s goal of expanding its information channels, increasing the number of information technology platforms that can access information and data, and broadening the audiences that can access and learn from its data—including the general public, market participants, and college students.

In addition to ISO Express and ISO to Go, ISO New England also offers power system and market information through its websiteISO Newswire, its online newsletter; and its Twitter page.

Download ISO to Go for free via the Apple App Store for the iPhone or iPad or Google Play for Android devices. And to learn more about the mobile app, watch a short video demo

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Created in 1997, ISO New England is the independent, not-for-profit corporation responsible for the reliable operation of New England’s electric power generation and transmission system, overseeing and ensuring the fair administration of the region’s wholesale electricity markets, and managing comprehensive regional electric power planning.


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