Entrepreneurship expert Prof. Candida Brush was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration and Economics from the Swedish university.

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Prof. Candida Brush has received an Honorary Doctorate from Jönköping University -- "Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration and Economics".

Jönköping University held its biennial Inauguration and Conferment Ceremony ( in September 2010, where Prof. Brush received the Honorary Doctorate along with David B. Audretsch, Arne Dahle, Sven-Olof Karlsson, and Dennis C. Mueller. (See

Honorary Doctorate Remarks

“Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is an honor and my great pleasure to introduce Honorary Doctor Professor Candida Brush who holds the Paul T. Babson Chair in Entrepreneurship at Babson College in the US. Candida is not only a great teacher and researcher in the entrepreneurship field, but she also has early entrepreneurial experience in the airline industry and in small business consulting.

Candida Brush is well-known internationally for her research on entrepreneurship as those of us know who attend the international conferences. She has authored more than 100 publications and 8 books and has done research on a broad range of topics, amongst others research on internationalization of small and new ventures and their strategic development.

But there is one topic where Candida is best known for, and that is her pioneering research in women’s entrepreneurship. She has been working on this topic since the early 1980s, when at that time she conducted the first and largest study of women entrepreneurs in the US and published a book in 1985. As those of us who attended her lecture yesterday may have noticed: the topic of women’s entrepreneurship is not just any research question for her, but it has become her passion. Candida also is a founding member of the DIANA group which started out as a group of five scholars who studied women’s access to growth capital and has grown to 200 scholars worldwide, all of which are interested in women’s entrepreneurship. In 2007, together with her four co-founders, Candida received the “Swedish Research Foundation International Award for Outstanding Research Contributions in the Field of Entrepreneurship” – the “Noble Prize” in the entrepreneurship field.

Candida contributed and contributes much to Jönköping International Business School and Jönköping University. She first visited in the late 1990s, when Per Davidsson coordinated a large-scale project on entrepreneurship and growth. She served on JIBS international board of advisors, and she cooperates with several of its researchers. Currently, she is involved in our efforts to build up a joint doctoral education with Babson College which is a very exciting venture.

My warmest congratulations to you, Candy!”

--Friederike Welter, Laudatio, 18 September 2010

In conjunction with the festivities, Professor Brush gave the lecture, "Why Study Women's Entrepreneurship?" (see

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Dr. Candida Brush is a full professor and holder of the Paul T. Babson Chair in Entrepreneurship and serves as Division Chair for Entrepreneurship at Babson College. For more information about Prof. Brush.

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