SHIPYARD BREWING COMPANY Engages BABSON MBA students to identify potential partners, viability, and development options for a unique mixed-use development in downtown Portland

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Shipyard Brewing Company (Shipyard), one of the largest specialty craft and contract brewers in the nation, is proud to announce that it has entered into a consulting relationship with a group of Babson MBA students who have over 18 years of work experience combined in the hospitality, real estate development/finance, and strategic marketing segments.

The team is working directly with the Owner & Entrepreneur of Shipyard Mr. Fred Forsley to identify potential partners, assess economic and project viability, and develop a framework for how Shipyard could re-develop a portion of its site to better serve the business community in downtown Portland.

Shipyard has in the past utilized the consulting services of Babson College. The project spurned out of an initial interest in Shipyard by a team member, Heather Nickerson, who has background in architecture and interest in operations/marketing. During the summer months, Kavin Moody, Executive Director of Center for Information Management Studies (CIMS) at Babson College, who has known Shipyard for many years, introduced the team to the project.

The project engagement is a direct follow-up to the news article in the Portland Herald on April 27, 2011,“Brewery co-owner pitches convention center for city”. Based entirely on past identified student interest in working on a strategic real estate development project, the team officially started the consulting project in September of the Fall 2011 Semester (September – December). The team plans to put together a draft Request for Proposal document to build a world-class convention facility complemented with additional hotel supply, a possible educational component, and/or student/market housing.

Babson's Management Consulting Field Experience (MCFE) program provides a practical, hands-on consulting experience for second year MBA students. MCFE teams can be self-selected or formed by the Office of Experiential Learning (OLE) via Mark Biddle, Director of Experiential Learning ( and are subject to a rigorous, highly competitive application process, and typically consist of three to five graduate students under the leadership of an advisor. Students receive course credit and client’s receive free consulting and pay any project expenses.

The MCFE program partners the student team with corporate clients seeking advice in areas such as strategic planning, business development, marketing and finance. Corporate clients include all types of businesses including non-profits and small start-up companies as well as established larger companies, all seeking dynamic solutions to a wide variety of current challenges.

Once corporate clients are selected, the MCFE teams commence intensive semester-long consulting partnerships, testing virtually every aspect of their formal training in a real-world, real-time environment, and further testing their abilities to blend their skills and strengths and perform as a team.

The team consists of four second-year Babson MBA students - Jamil Karim, Heather Nickerson, Catherine Portner, and Justin Ruane. The team on Shipyard’s side consists primarily of Fred Forsley, Owner & Entrepreneur, Tami Kennedy, Director of Communications, and Brandon Mazer, Legal Counsel.

For further Shipyard specific requests, ideas, or information, please contact Tami Kennedy at


By Nancy Sullivan,, 781-239-4623 | 11/08/2011 11:30