Fred Nanni

Fred Nanni, Professor Emeritus, Accounting & Law Division

Professor Emeritus

Accounting & Law Division

Fred Nanni (Alfred J. Nanni, Jr.) joined the faculty at Babson College as a full professor in 1993. Since then he has been involved in all of Babson’s academic programs and served in a variety of major service and administrative roles, including Program Director, Division Chair, Senate Executive Committee Vice Chair, and Provost.

Fred’s publication stream spans discipline-focused journal articles and presentations, practice-oriented articles and books, peer-reviewed pedagogical materials and cases. He has published and spoken extensively on the topics of strategic performance measurement and on cost-effective strategy execution. He has co-authored a pair of practice-oriented books on those subjects—Delivering Results: Managing What Matters and The New Performance Challenge: Measuring Operations for World-Class Competition.

His teaching and curriculum development history at Babson College includes teaching a variety of disciplines, especially in integrated formats, across undergraduate, MBA, and executive education programs. Fred’s administrative and service duties have included leading the development and delivery of several curriculum revisions, including the College’s seminal undergraduate core integration.

He has also been a Chair of the Accounting & Law Division, a member of both the undergraduate and graduate policy committees, a member of Babson’s campus-wide tenure committee (serving as a chair and as co-chair), and member of the Executive Committee of the College’s Faculty Senate.

Professor Nanni has over 30 years of academic experience which includes previous academic positions at Boston University (where he was Chair of the Accounting Department and Director of the Accounting Doctoral Program) and the Pennsylvania State University. He holds a BA in psychology from Syracuse University and an MS in Accounting and a PhD degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.​​​