Fritz Fleischmann

Fritz Fleischmann, Professor Emeritus, Arts & Humanities Division

Professor Emeritus

Arts & Humanities Division

Fritz Fleischmann was educated in Germany, England and the United States and received his doctorate from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in 1983, the year he joined the Babson faculty. Before Babson, he had also taught at Harvard University and Simmons College; in 1991, he was a visiting professor at the University of Mannheim. At Babson, he has served as founding chair of the undergraduate honors program, chair of the Arts & Humanities Division, associate director of the Glavin Center for Global Entrepreneurial Leadership, and as the inaugural Dean of Faculty (2003–2008).

Mr. Fleischmann is the author, editor, co-editor of, or consulting editor for, eight books, and the author of numerous essays and articles on American literature and culture, with a special interest in feminism and the history of gender. He was the founding chair of the editorial board for the NEH-supported Charles Brockden Brown Electronic Archive and Scholarly Edition, and he initiated the creation of the Charles Brockden Brown Society, serving as its Executive Secretary and Treasurer for 19 years. He is a past president of the New England American Studies Association and has also served several terms on the board of the Margaret Fuller Society.

Mr. Fleischmann has also studied the history and culture of entrepreneurship, on which he has written several papers. He serves on the board of the Faltin Foundation for Entrepreneurship in Berlin, Germany and has edited the English rendition of Günter Faltin’s bestselling Kopf schlägt Kapital (Brains versus Capital: Entrepreneurship for Everyone, 2013). A long-time climate activist, he has also written about environmental ethics and organic farming.