Janice Yellin

Dr. Janice Yellin, Professor Emerita, Arts & Humanities Division

Professor Emerita

Arts & Humanities Division

Janice Yellin has taught at Louisiana State University, the University of Florida, Brandeis University, and Merrimack College. She has held the Martha Willcomb Lectureship in Egyptian Civilization at Harvard University. Her major interest is in Egyptology and Meroitic Studies.

She is currently Director of the Royal Pyramids of Kush Project which is publishing the pyramids of the kings and queens of ancient Meroe (c350 BC–AD 350) which are located north of Khartoum.

These decorated, royal tombs are the last pyramids built in Africa and are endangered by human activities and environmental changes. The project has been funded by grants from major foundations. She has published numerous articles on ancient Sudanese art and religion and recently completed her term as a member of the Board of the International Society for Nubian Studies.