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Benjamin Spigel

  • Visiting Assistant Professor
Academic Division: Entrepreneurship

Academic Degrees

  • Ph D, University of Toronto

Awards & Honors

  • 2023 — Best Paper Prize, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal
  • 2023 — Helena Yli-Renko Research Impact Award, AOM ENT Division
  • 2020 — Schulze Publication Award, Richard M Schulze Family Foundation
  • 2019 — Best Empirical Paper, Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division Award


Journal Articles

  • Wurth, B., Stam, E., Spigel, B. (2023). Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Mechanisms. Foundations and Trends in Entrepreneurship. Vol: 19, Issue: 3, Page: 224-339. NOW Publishers.
  • Ramli, K., Spigel, B., Williams, N., Mawson, S., Jack, S. (2023). Managing through a crisis: Emotional leadership strategies of high-growth entrepreneurs during the Covid-19 pandemic. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development: An International Journal.
  • Spigel, B., Khalid, F., Wolfe, D. (2022). Alacrity: A new model for venture acceleration. International Entrepreneurship & Management Journal.
  • Spigel, B. (2022). Examining the cohesiveness and nestedness entrepreneurial ecosystems: Evidence from British fintechs. Small Business Economics.
  • Spigel, B., Khalid, F. (2022). Accelerators, acceleration, and policy mobility in entrepreneurial ecosystems. Review of Entrepreneurship / Revue de l'Entrepreneuriat.
  • Spigel, B., Vinodrai, T. (2021). Meeting its Waterloo? Recycling in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems after Anchor Firm Collapse. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development: An International Journal.
  • Bernd, W., Stam, E., Spigel, B. (2021). Towards an entrepreneurial ecosystem research program. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice.
  • Spigel, B., Kitagawa, F., Mason, C. (2020). A manifesto for researching entrepreneurial ecosystems. Local Economy.
  • Spigel, B., Bathelt, H. (2018). Questioning cultural narratives of economic development—an investigation of Kitchener-Waterloo. Canadian Geographer.
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  • Spigel, B. (2017). Bourdieu, culture, and the economic geography of practice: entrepreneurial mentorship in Ottawa and Waterloo, Canada. Journal of Economic Geography.
  • Spigel, B. (2017). The relational organisation of entrepreneurial ecosystems. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice.
  • Spigel, B. (2016). Developing and governing entrepreneurial ecosystems: The structure of entrepreneurial support programs in Edinburgh, Scotland. International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development.
  • Muellerleile, C., Stauss, K., Spigel, B., Narrins, T. (2014). Economic geography and the financial crisis: Full speed ahead or missing the boat. The Professional Geographer.
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  • Bathelt, H., Spigel, B. (2012). The spatial economy of North American trade fairs. The Canadian Geographer.
  • Bathelt, H., Spigel, B. (2011). University spin-offs and regional policy in comparative perspective: The cases of Columbus (Ohio) and Toronto and Waterloo (Ontario).. International Journal for Knowledge-Based Development.
  • Jones, B., , E., Spigel, B. (2010). Blog links as pipelines to buzz elsewhere: The case of New York theatre blogs. Environment and Planning B .


  • Spigel, B. (2020). Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Theory, Practice, and Futures. Edward Elgar.

Book Chapters

  • Hong, M., Spigel, B. (2024). The Kaleidoscope of Configurations: Actor/Role Configurations within Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Cities and Regions. Oxford University Press. link
  • Spigel, B. (2020). Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: What They're Made of and How They Work: Entrepreneurship & Innovation Exchange. link
  • Stam, E., Spigel, B. (2018). Entrepreneurial ecosystems: SAGE Handbook of Entrepreneurship and Small Business.
  • Spigel, B. (2018). Envisioning a New Research Agenda for Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Top-down and Bottom-up Approaches: Firm Emergence and Growth Volume 20: Reflections and Extensions on Key Papers of the First Twenty-Five Years of Advances.
  • Spigel, B., Malecki, E. (2017). Entrepreneurship and innovation: The Elgar Companion to Innovation and Knowledge Creation.
  • Spigel, B. (2016). Networking practices and networking cultures: Geographies of Entrepreneurship.
  • Brunelle, C., Spigel, B. (2016). Path dependency, entrepreneurship, and economic resilience in resource-driven economies. Lessons from the Newfoundland offshore oil industry: Creating Resilient Economies: Entrepreneurship, Growth and Development in Uncertain Times.
  • Spigel, B. (2016). The Cultural embeddedness of regional innovation: A Bourdieuian perspective: Handbook on the Geographies of Innovation.
  • Spigel, B. (2011). A series of unfortunate events: The growth, decline and rebirth of Ottawa’s entrepreneurial institutions: Advances in the Study of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Economic Development, Volume 22.


  • Spigel, B. (2017). Mentoring vital to ensure Edinburgh carries on developing entrepreneurs: The Times . link


  • Inclusive Ecosystems: Why Aren’t Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Equitable Spigel, B. Diana Research Talk , Online (2024)
  • Learning to Grow in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Spigel, B. Nottingham University Research Seminar, Nottingham, UK (2024)
  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Spigel, B. European Council of Small Business, Online (2021)
  • Entrepreneurial Networks and Ecosystems during the Covid-19 Crisis: Evidence from the ERICC project Spigel, B. The Evolution, Persistence, and Success of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, online (2021)
  • What we know and what we don’t know about how ecosystems work Spigel, B. Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs Ecosystem Convening, Dublin (2018)
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