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Elizabeth Milano

  • Adjunct Lecturer
Academic Division: Mathematics, Analytics, Science, and Technology
Dr. Bryson is a marine biologist and ecologist whose research centers on coastal and nearshore habitats in the Gulf of Maine. Dr. Bryson has taught at Babson in several capacities: as a laboratory instructor, an Adjunct Professor and as a Visiting Assistant Professor. Prior to her arrival at Babson, Dr. Bryson taught laboratory classes at Northeastern University. Dr. Bryson is interested teaching about both the opportunities and the challenges that occur at the intersection of human society and the natural environment. Dr. Bryson teaches introductory and advanced topics courses focused on environmental, ocean and climate sciences. Dr. Bryson's research is highly field based and is driven by questions pertaining to environmental context: how do oceanographic currents and temperature changes impact biological interactions and community structure, what is the appropriate geographic scale for ecological management strategies, how will temporal changes in climate conditions impact ecological communities, etc. Dr. Bryson's work on rocky shores has identified three distinct biogeographic provinces within Gulf of Maine nearshore environments, each governed by a different set of ecological ‘rules.' These findings provide a foundation for more regionally appropriate conservation and fisheries management decisions and policies. Dr. Bryson has experience working in a variety of marine habitats, including rocky shores, salt marshes, mudflats and coral reefs.

Academic Degrees

  • Ph D, Northeastern University
  • BA, Bowdoin College

Academic Interest / Expertise

Oceanography; Environmental Science; Marine Biology; Global Change Biology; Climate Science

Awards & Honors

  • 2004 — Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research for Latitudinal Variation in Rocky Shore Recovery Patterns,
  • 1999 — National Merit Scholar Recipient, Bowdoin College


  • Degree Courses 2023



Journal Articles

  • Bryson, E.S., Trussell, G.C., Ewanchuk, P.J. (2014). Broad-scale geographic variation in the organization of rocky intertidal communities in the Gulf of Maine. Academy of Banking Studies Journal. Vol: 84, Issue: 4, Page: 579-597. Ecological Society of America. link


  • Context-dependent community dynamics in the Gulf of Maine: recruitment, herbivory and predation on rocky shores Milano, E. Trussell, G. Ewanchuk, P. Benthic Ecology Meeting, Savannah, GA (2013)
  • Revisiting a classic paradigm: Assessing consumer control of rocky shores in the southern and northern Gulf of Maine Milano, E. Trussell, G. Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA (2010)
  • Latitudinal variation in size-dependent patch recovery: the importance of Ascophyllum canopy characteristics and light penetration Milano, E. Trussell, G. Benthic Ecology Meeting, Wilmington, NC (2010)
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