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Gary Ottley

  • Associate Professor of Practice
Academic Division: Marketing
Dr. Ottley has been a full-time faculty member at Babson since 2008. He teaches core marketing courses and multiple electives at both the undergraduate and MBA levels, in multiple formats (full-time, part-time, and blended). He has developed and delivered numerous executive education programs, both prior to joining Babson and as a member of the Marketing faculty.

A Fulbright International Exchange Scholar, Gary worked in marketing consulting for 12 years before coming to Babson. He managed large marketing projects and oversaw the implementation of strategic marketing and pricing initiatives for large Fortune 500 companies and smaller entrepreneurial ventures.

Gary's research interests include socially-conscious marketing, the role of marketing in addressing societal issues, and marketing education pedagogy.

Academic Degrees

  • Ph D, Bentley University
  • MBA, Babson College
  • BS, University of the West Indies

Academic Interest / Expertise

Marketing strategy and execution; socially-conscious marketing; the role of marketing in society.

Awards & Honors

  • 2021 — 2021 Dean's Teaching Award - Graduate, Babson College


  • Degree Courses 2024

    • MKT 7800 MARKETING
  • Degree Courses 2023

    • MKT 7800 MARKETING


Journal Articles

  • Hashmi, N., Worthington III, C.S., Bal, A., Weidner, K., Ottley, G.A. (in press). Too Woke or Not Too Woke, that is the Question: Brand Response to Culture Wars. Business Horizons.
  • Ottley, G.A., Nasr Bechwati, N. (2017). Teaching an Elevated View of Marketing: Marketing With Customers. Marketing Education Review. link
  • Ottley, G., Hanna, R. (2017). Do Consumers Know Enough To Assess The True Value Of Art? A Study Of Beliefs and Attitudes Toward the NEA. Journal of Public Affairs.
  • Bal, A., Grewal, D., Mills, A.J., Ottley, G.A. (2015). Engaging Students with Social Media. Journal of Marketing Education. Vol: 37, Issue: 3, Page: 190-203.
  • Ottley, G.A., Sisodia, R.S., Buono, A.F. (2013). Student Beliefs and Attitudes about Business: Shaping the Views of First-Year Business Students--A Preliminary Study. SAM Advanced Management Journal. Vol: 78, Issue: 4, Page: 35-45. Society for Advancement of Management.

Cases and Teaching Notes

  • Ottley, G.A., Matsuno, K. (2017). Apple Watch (B) . Issue: BAB362C. Babson College.
  • Ottley, G.A., Matsuno, K. (2017). Apple Watch (B) Teaching Note. Issue: BAB363.
  • Ottley, G.A., Hebert-Maccaro, K. (2012). Shorewood Soups: To B2C or not to B2C. Babson College.
  • Ottley, G.A., Hebert-Maccaro, K. (2012). Shorewood Soups: To B2C or not to B2C: Teaching Note. Babson College.

Book Chapters

  • Ottley, G.A., Nasr Bechwati, N., Sisodia, R.S. (2019). Conscious Marketing: Meaning and Application: Handbook of Marketing Advances in an Era of Disruptions – Essays in Honor of Professor Jagdish Sheth. Sage Publishing. link

Conference Proceedings

  • Ottley, G.A., Nasr Bechwati, N. (2017). Teaching “Elevated” Marketing: Challenging Our Own Status Quo.. Page: 69-70.


  • Brown Hamilton and Black Ariel: Non-Traditional Casting and Audience Response Worthington III, C. Bal, A. Hashmi, N. Weidner, K. Ottley, G. Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress, Canterbury, UK (2023)
  • Managing Stereotypes in the Classroom: What Stereotypes Exist and How Do We Respond? Ottley, G. Beitelspacher, L. 2018 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA (2018)
  • Teaching "Elevated" Marketing: Challenging Our Own Status Quo Ottley, G. Nasr Bechwati, N. 2017 Marketing Management Association Fall Educators' Conference, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (2017)
  • Conscious Marketing: Its Meaning, Determinants, and Consequences Ottley, G. Lusch, R. Sisodia, R. Bechwati, N. 2016 AMA Winter Marketing Educators' Conference, Las Vegas, NV (2016)
  • There’s an App for that! An Exploratory study of how consumers search for wine with the assistance of technology Hanna, R. Ottley, G. Swain, S. Qualls, D. Bi-Annual Wine Marketing: Innovations and Best Practices Conference , Lake Garda, Italy (2015)
  • Elevated Marketing: The Conscious Marketing Construct, its Antecedents, Consequences, and Dichotomies Ottley, G. CYRUS Institute of Knowledge Conference, Cambridge, MA (2015)
  • Conscious Marketing Ottley, G. 2014 SMA Conference, New Orleans, LA (2014)
  • The Consumer As Citizen: Rethinking ‘Customer Satisfaction’ Ottley, G. 2014 AMA Marketing & Public Policy Conference, Boston, MA (2014)
  • The Consumer As Citizen: Rethinking ‘Customer Satisfaction’ Ottley, G. 2014 AMA Winter Educators’ Conference, Orlando, FL (2014)
  • Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary (case study) Ottley, G. 7th European Conference on Management Leadership and Governance, Nice, France (2011)
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Department & College Wide Services

  • EdX Faculty Advisory Committee (Fall 2016 - Present)
  • Faculty Advisor to the Babson Marketing Association (student-run) (Fall 2016 - Present)
  • Graduate School Excellence in Service - overall service recognition in the graduate school (2018 - 2018)
  • Blended Learning Miami Task Force (Fall 2016 - Fall 2016)