Babson Medal

The Babson Medal represents one of the highest honors Babson College bestows on an individual for outstanding achievement and commitment to the College. It is presented to a dedicated graduate or friend of the College for distinguished service to the community and Babson College.

Roger Enrico was awarded the medal during Reunion and Homecoming Weekend on September 26, 2015.

Roger Enrico '65, H'86 joins the group of distinguished recipients, listed below:

Distinguished Babson Medal Recipients

Bennett E. Bidwell ’52, H’74, P’87 (awarded in 1981)
Charles J. McCarthy ’50, P’78 (awarded in 1981)
Richard M. Nichols H’73 (awarded in 1981)
Robert O.F. Bixby ’49, H’76 (awarded in 1982)
Walter H. Carpenter Jr. (awarded in 1982)
Carleton G. Lane ’26 (awarded in 1982)
Edith B. Mustard ’23 (awarded in 1982)
R. Howard Webster ’32 (awarded in 1982)
George E. Johnson H’76, P’72 (awarded in 1983)
Lawrence J. Plym ’29 (awarded in 1983)
Everett Stephens (awarded in 1983)
Jarvis Farley H’80 (awarded in 1984)
Edith Y. Babson H’84 (awarded in 1985)
John M. Daigle ’54, H’84, P’82 (awarded in 1985)
Henry A. Kriebel H’82 (awarded in 1986)
Robert S. Hoffman Jr. P’60 (awarded in 1987)
George E. Slye ’53, P’82 (awarded in 1987)
Lawrence W. Milas ’58, H’06, P’90 (awarded in 1988)
Philip H. Peters (awarded in 1988)
Donald P. Babson (awarded in 1989)
Elizabeth P. Powell M’76, P’01 (awarded in 1989)
Charles C. Thomas Jr. P’77 (awarded in 1989)
William H. Cruickshank Jr. ’49, H’99 (awarded in 1990)
Ervin Pietz (awarded in 1990)
Victor F. Tomasso ’51 (awarded in 1990)
Stanley M. Lewis (awarded in 1991)
John J. McQuillan P’78 ’79 ’81 (awarded in 1991)
Richard J. Snyder ’60, H’94, P’93 ’01 (awarded in 1991)
Charles S. Adams ’62 (awarded in 1994)
William R. Dill H’91 (awarded in 1994)
Howard C. Goff ’49, P’79 ’83 (awarded in 1994)
Roger G. Regnier ’63 (awarded in 1994)
Ralph Z. Sorenson H’85 (awarded in 1994)
Paul C. Staake Jr. (awarded in 1994)
Peter M. Black H’02 (awarded in 1996)
David J. Carson (awarded in 1996)
John A. Hornaday P’76 (awarded in 1996)
John H. Muller Jr. H’96, P’79 (awarded in 1997)
Richard W. Sorenson M’68, P’97, ’00 (awarded in 1998)
Timothy A. DeMello ’81 (awarded in 1999)
Arthur M. Blank ’63, H’98 (awarded in 2004)
Junichi Murata M’60, H’92 (awarded in 2007)
Robert E. Weissman ’64, H’94, P’87 ’90 (awarded in 2011)
William F. Glavin H'99 (awarded in 2014)
Roger A. Enrico ’65, H’86 (awarded in 2015)
Ernesto Bertarelli ’89 (awarded in 2019)