Languages and Global Cultures

Want to work or study abroad? Spend a year in Spain with a monthly salary from the Spanish Consulate?

Expand micro-lending opportunities in Costa Rica? Teach entrepreneurship in Ghana? Spend a semester in Paris at the Sorbonne? Study in Tokyo while learning the video game industry? These are just a few examples of opportunities recent Babson language students have chosen.

Knowledge of other languages and cultures:

  • enriches and informs our abilities to manage and solve problems, and to determine and create value in a global context
  • recognizes and values the multicultural composition of Babson’s student body
  • enriches opportunities for interaction, deepening a sense of community and shared involvement, and
  • deepens and strengthens job opportunities at home and abroad, providing you with highly marketable skills.

“Your success depends on your ability to effectively engage in today’s global environment. The ability to communicate and collaborate with people from all over the world is a key competitive advantage. We call this transcultural leadership. Babson’s strategic priority is to leverage our multicultural community to maximize your success in the global world.”
—Former Babson President Len Schlesinger, Letter to undergraduate students, Fall 2008