How We Can We Help

A student needs help with some aspect of manipulative algebra such as transforming one formula into an equivalent form, solving an equation, or interpreting the graph of a function. The original problem may originate in mathematics, economics, finance, FME, IMC, or in a science course.

A student needs assistance with standard computational tools in order to analyze some quantitative situation. This may involve building or manipulating a mathematical model with the Excel spreadsheet, performing hypothesis testing or regression analysis with Minitab, using Excel to solve time value of money problems, or using On-Line Help.

A student with weak algebra skills requests guidance and support while working through a self-paced, on-line algebra tutorial.

A group of 2 or 3 students decides to meet in the MRC and work together on a project. When they get stuck, they show the MRC tutor what they have done and ask for hints or similar examples that they might investigate to get them back on track.

A group working on a project asks for help with interpretations of Excel or Minitab exhibits that will become part of a written or oral presentation. The MRC tutor suspects that the group is not clear on the intent of the project or that the group needs to work on organizational and/or stylistic components of the written report or oral presentation. The tutor recommends a course of action such as making an appointment with the instructor of the course, scheduling a visit to the Writing Center, or scheduling a visit to the Speech Center.