Meeting Preparation

Take full advantage of opportunities to meet with your professor during regular office hours or by making an appointment. Make every effort to attend every class. The MRC is a supplementary source of help, not a primary source of information.

As soon as you arrive at the MRC, introduce yourself and inform the tutor what course you are in. There may be other students in the MRC that have the same questions that you have. Working together can often be helpful.

Please bring your textbook, syllabus, up-to-date class notes, and calculator. Avoid last-minute panic.

Even though the MRC operates on a drop-in basis, you should plan ahead and arrange your visit at least a day or two before the deadline of any upcoming assignment, quiz, exam, or project. Tutors cannot compensate for your lack of planning.

You are more likely to get quicker individualized attention if you arrange your MRC visit during the late afternoon or early evening on Monday through Thursday.

During the hours that the MRC is scheduled to be open, you can call Math (x6284) if you wish to know the name of the tutor on duty or the number of students that are currently visiting the MRC. Please do not use this telephone to ask questions about math.