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Recent Books

Davenport, Thomas H. and Kim, J., Keeping Up with the Quants: Your Guide to Understanding and Using Analytics, Harvard Business Review Press, 2013

Davenport, Thomas H. and Manville, B., Judgment Calls: Twelve Stories of Big Decisions and the Teams that Got them Right, Harvard Business School Press, 2013

McKone-Sweet, K, Greenberg, D. and H.J Wilson, The New Entrepreneurial Leader: Developing Leaders Who Shape Social and Economic Opportunity, 2011

Stoddard, Donna and M. Godwyn, Minority Women Entrepreneurs. Greenleaf Publishing, 2011.

Davenport, Tom, J. Harris and R. Morison, Analytics at Work: Smarter Decisions, Better Results, Harvard Business Press, 2010.    

2013 Publications

Gaimon, Cheryl and Jennifer Bailey, "Knowledge Management for the Entrepreneurial Venture." Production and Operations Management

Davenport, Thomas H., "Analytics 3.0", Harvard Business Review, December 2013.

Davenport, Thomas H., "Keep Up with your Quants", Harvard Business Review, July-August, 2013.

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Erzurumlu, S. Sinan and Keith Rollag, "Increasing student interest and engagement with business cases by turning them into consulting exercises,"Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education 11 (4), 359-381. *2013 DSJIE Best Teaching Brief

Bell, Janice and S. Sinan Erzurumlu and Holly Fowler, "Better Tomorrow at Sodexho North America," in Cases in Sustainanility: Applications in Suplpy Chain Management edited by Stephen Leon. Person: New Jersey

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S. Sinan Erzurumlu, "Will the real sustainability leader please stand up?"Triple Pundit, The MBA Series.

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Cross, R. Hargadon, A. and Parise, S., "Critical Connections: Driving Rapid Innovation with a Network Perspective", in Tackling Wicked Government Problems, A Practical Guise for Developing Enterprise Leaders, Nickerson, J.A. and Sanders, R.P. eds. Brookings Institute Press.

Rao, J., and Weintraub, J., "How Innovative in your Company's Culture?" MIT Sloan Management Review 54 (3).

Rao, J., and Weintraub, J., "Becoming a More Innovatice Culture: From Assessment to Action", The European Financial Review.

Rao, J., "Detegan el Sinsentido! Innovacion es una disciplina (Stop the Nonsense: Innovation is a Discipline)", Estrangia

Rao, J., "To Innovatte, Get the People Issues Right," Babson Insight.

Joglekar, N., Anderson, E., and Shankaranarayanan, G., "Accuracy of Aggregate Data in Distributed Project Settings: Model, Analysis and Implications,: ACM Journal on Data and Information 4 (3), Article 13.

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Erzurumlu, Sinan, Refereed Journal Article:  Erzurumlu, Sinan, Fehmi Tanrisever, and Nitin Joglekar. "Production, Process Investment and the Survival of Debt Financed Startup Firms," Production and Operations Management 21(4), 637-652, 2012.  2012 Publications
2012 Publications
Davenport, Thomas H. and Patil, D.J., "Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century," Harvard Business Review, Summer 2012
Davenport, Thomas H., Barth, P. and Bean, R., "How Big Data is Different",Sloan Management Review, January, 2012
Erzurumlu, Sinan, Refereed Journal Article:  Erzurumlu, Sinan, Fehmi Tanrisever, and Nitin Joglekar. "Production, Process Investment and the Survival of Debt Financed Startup Firms," Production and Operations Management 21(4), 637-652, 2012.   
Erzurumlu, Sinan, Refereed Journal ArticleErzurumlu, Sinan, Janice Bell and Holly Fowler, "Deploying Sustainability at Solea," IMA Educational Case Journal 5(2), 1-11, 2012.
Erzurumlu, Sinan, Refereed Book Chapter:  "Collaborative Product Development for Competing Suppliers" in Perspectives of Supplier Innovation: Theories, Concepts, Empirical Insights on Open Innovation and the Intergation of Suppliers edited by A. Brem and J. Tidd.  World Scientific Publishing Company, 2012.
Erzurumlu, Sinan, Refereed Conference Proceedings: Erzurumlu, Sinan,  Jane Davies and Nitin Joglekar, "Operations Design to Enhance ARPA-E Funding for Transformational Clean Technology Startups, "Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research, 2012.
Erzurumlu, Sinan, Teaching Case:  Erzurumlu, Sinan,  Martin Anderson and Assheton Carter.  "Goldlake/Eurocantera Honduras," Babson Case Collection BAB205C, 2012.

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  • Best Paper Proceedings, Adacemy of Management, Boston, MA. 2012
  • Paper selectred as finalist for TIM division Best Paper Award.

Fixson, S.K.,  Teaching innovation through Interdisciplinary Courses and Programs in Product Design and Development: An Analysis at 16 US Schools. IEEE Engineering Management Review, 40(2): 48-58. 2012.

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Fixson, S.K. and W.H. Lee.  Shifting grounds: How industry emergence changes the effectiveness of knowledge creation strategies - The case of the U.S. automative airbag industry.  Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 24(1): 1-19. 2012. 

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Rao, JayInnovation 2.0.  A book in Spanish. 2012.

Rao, Jay.  Speaking the Lingua Franca of Innovation, IESE Insight, 3rd Quarter, Issue 14,2012.

Rao, Jay, Case Studies: 

2011 Publications

Davenport, Tom with John Lucker and Leandro DalleMule. "Know What Your Customers Want Before They Do",  Harvard Business Review. 

Davenport, Tom, and Snabe J. "How Fast and Flexible Do You Want Your Information, Really," MIT Sloan Management Review, Spring 2011.

Davenport, Tom. "Helping Organizations Create Better Judgment," HBR Agenda, Harvard Business Review, January 2011.

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Parise, Salvatore with Iyer B., Cuomo D. and Donaldson, B. "MITRE Corporation: Using Social Technologies to get Connected." Ivey Business Journal, January/February 2011.  

2010 Publications

Davenport, Tom with Harris J. and Shapiro J. "Competing on Talent Analytics," Harvard Business Review, October 2010.

Davenport, Tom. "Business Intelligence and Organizational Decisions,"International Journal of Business Intelligence Research, January 2010.

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