Price-Babson Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators

January 19-23, 2020 / May 25-29, 2020

January Program Cost- $3,150 / May Program Cost- $3,250

Thinking and acting entrepreneurially is more than just an inclination. It can—and should be—taught. Whether you’re an academic at a college or university, or an entrepreneur who has a desire to teach, the Price-Babson Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators (SEE) will give you the skills needed to pass on an entrepreneurial mindset to your students to shape the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders.

This action-based program provides you with a toolkit, playbook, and best practices for teaching entrepreneurship to others, including Babson’s hallmark methodology, Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® (ET&A™). Leave the program ready to pass on the most powerful force in the world for solving problems and creating economic and social value.


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Special Offer for January Price-Babson Participants

Once you register for the January offering of Price-Babson Symposium, you will be given the option to sign up for an additional three-hour workshop to learn how to establish a student venture accelerator during the summer months on your campus. Based on learning and best practices from Babson's award-winning Summer Venture Program (SVP), you'll learn the tools and structure for this 10-week intensive experience that builds entrepreneurial skills and accelerates the development of student ventures.

Register for Price-Babson Symposium using the “Apply Now- Jan 2020” button above and keep an eye out for the detailed information about the Summer Venture Program workshop.

What You Will Learn

The Price-Babson Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators will equip you with proven concepts for effective entrepreneurship education, as well as give you the tools to teach experientially and overcome challenges in your approach to teaching.

Specific topics addressed include:

Content Topics

  • Entrepreneurial Thought & Action
  • Entrepreneurship Education Ecosystems
  • Entrepreneurial Identity
  • Design Thinking and Idea Generation
  • Market Tests and Business Models
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Managing Growth and Embracing Failure

Process Topics

  • Experiential and Action Learning Pedagogies
  • Teaching Entrepreneurially
  • Case Method Teaching
  • Managing Classroom Challenges
  • Curriculum and Course Design
  • Immersion-based Teaching
  • Use of Technology in Classroom

At the Summer Venture Program Workshop (optional add-on) you will learn how to establish a student venture accelerator during the summer months on your campus:

  • Understand the infrastructure needed, including team and venue
  • Interview and select the student teams and best practices in building the cohort
  • Recruit and train mentors and coaches

Who Should Enroll

No matter what discipline you’re from, if you’re an academic or an entrepreneur who teaches or has a desire to teach entrepreneurship, you’ll leave the program prepared to pass along the benefits of entrepreneurial education. Participants come from all around the world, allowing for a diverse group of peers in the program.

Your Faculty Director

This program is led by Professor Heidi Neck, the Jeffry A. Timmons Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies at Babson College. She teaches entrepreneurship for educators and MBA students. Her research interests include entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship inside organizations, and creative thinking. Neck is the lead author of the award-winning, Teaching Entrepreneurship: A Practice-Based Approach, written to help educators teach entrepreneurship in more experiential and engaging ways. She has published 40+ book chapters, research monographs, and refereed articles in such journals as Journal of Small Business Management, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, and International Journal of Entrepreneurship Education.  Read More»

Accommodation/Registration Details

Cost includes all program materials, accommodations, and meals at the award-winning Babson Executive Conference Center

Accommodations are from 4 p.m. on the Sunday before the program to 11 a.m. on Thursday, the last day of the program. There will be a welcome reception at 6 p.m. Sunday evening. The program starts at 8:30 a.m. on Monday and ends at 4 p.m on Thursday. All participants receive a certificate of completion.

Each session has a limited number of participants to preserve the intimacy and collegiality of the experience. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Based on the high demand for the Price-Babson Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators program, participation in the program can only be repeated if outside of 5 years of your original date of attendance. 

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