Babson Collaborative

Membership in The Babson Collaborative for Entrepreneurship Education

Members, comprised of institutions from around the globe, are seeking guidance and networking to develop and grow their own world-class entrepreneurship education ecosystems. They have a mission that amplifies the importance of entrepreneurship and are committed to developing a global learning community with other members of The Collaborative. As a member you will have access to the following:

Rich Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

At Babson College, Collaborative members tap into the world's nerve center of entrepreneurship education. Since our founding in 1919, entrepreneurship has been part of the Babson DNA. Our world-class faculty infuse Babson's signature method of teaching, Entrepreneurial Thought & Action®, into each course, carried forward into the world by our alumni and Collaborative members.  

When an institution applies to join the Collaborative, they indicate goals for membership and a roadmap for how they hope to engage the Collaborative network, programs and resources. The Babson Collaborative director and Babson Academy director of university relations conduct annual meetings to revisit goals, review progress, discuss new member benefits and ensure institutions are maximizing their membership in the Collaborative. 

Knowledge as Power

Members from around the world exchange new research and best practices about the latest entrepreneurship education methods, as well as cutting edge thought leadership and materials from fellow educators. 

The online platform for member engagement is The Collaborative Portal and The Collaborative WhatsApp Community. The Collaborative Portal houses an academic content library, webinars, member directory, newsletters, and detailed information on Collaborative events, opportunities and special projects. 

The Collaborative provides a platform for members to share research interests, access resources and purpose joint research projects. The Collaborative Research Group advances research on the topics that matter most to members, including: entrepreneurial ecosystems, open innovation, social entrepreneurship. 

At any time, members are presented with new and exciting ways to engage and benefit from membership. Examples from 2019-2020 include:

Creation of the first Babson Collaborative Book - Innovations in Global Entrepreneurship Education: Teaching Entrepreneurship in Practice. This research book written in partnership with members from The Collaborative, examines entrepreneurship education from a global perspective by focusing on best practices from Collaborative members. 

Coaching Program for Entrepreneurship Educators - Babson is partnering with Beacon Instructional Partners to offer remote personalized instructional coaching for a select number of entrepreneurship instructors at Collaborative member institutions. Participants receive 8-10 hours of observation-based coaching or planning and lesson design coaching over the course of a semester.

Peer To Peer Collaboration

Nobody can celebrate your successes, amplify your ideas, and problem-solve your challenges better than your entrepreneurship educator peers. Members from around the world convene for professional development, peer networking, and to explore and learn from a range of entrepreneurship ecosystems. 

The Babson Collaborative Annual Global Summit provides optimal value for attendees to participate in developing their entrepreneruship ecosystem. Registration, group meals and group excursions are included with Collaborative membership. Attendance at the Global Summit is limited to three educators per institution. (The hosting institution may invite up to ten). 

In this annual competition, students from member institutions compete in a feasibility analysis of a new business concept that addresses one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Challenge is completed in two phases: a local university-based competition resulting in one winning team, followed by a global competition among the winning teams for each school. The top two teams receive scholarships to attend Babson Build

Working groups advance projects identified by members as most valuable. For 2019-2020, examples include an analysis of assessment measures for entrepreneurship education and creation of open source content for members. Priorities and working groups are established at The Annual Collaborative Global Summit, with outcomes presented at the following Summit.

Learning in Action

Collaborative membership provides the opportunity for experiential learning through direct engagement with faculty from Babson and other member institutions. Active participation and focused reflection are utilized to increase knowledge, enhance skills, clarify values and develop the capabilities to create a successful entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Collaborative webinars have many formats, including presentation, panels, and community conversation. Webinars, led by both Babson and member institution's faculty, are  recorded and posted, along with supplemental materials, to The Collaborative Portal. 

Collaborative member institutions, as well as, individual faculty, staff, administrators and students receive priority selection and discounts on select Babson Academy programs, including, but not limited to the Price-Babson Symposium, Entrepreneurial Mindshift, Babson Build and the Babson Fellows Program.

Awards for Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education

Awards celebrate the achievement and commitment of Collaborative members. Recipients are announced and awards are presented at the Babson Collaborative Annual Global Summit.


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