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Mentorship Programs

Mentoring relationships are critical for career development and success in the 21st century.

The Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership (CWEL) Mentoring program is an important cornerstone of the work we do to support the advancement of women at Babson College. The program is designed to educate our students on the value of developmental relationships and to provide experience in building a personal board of coaches, sponsors, and mentors—all of which are essential for career growth in today's complex work environment.

Enrollment now open for graduate students! Spring Semester 2021

The Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership is excited to offer its acclaimed mentorship program to ALL graduate students, of ALL GENDERS, as a 1.5-credit elective course, this spring. 

MOB7517: Mentoring for the Entrepreneurial Leader: Catalyzing your Networks for Career Advancement

Day/Time: Every Other Wednesday | 6:30 – 9 p.m. EST
Instructor: Susan Duffy, Ph.D., Executive Director, Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership

Enroll today to:

  • Be paired with a professional from CWEL’s extensive network of alumnae and friends for a 14-week one-to-one mentoring experience
  • Build and deploy your own network of sponsors, mentors, and coaches to support your personal and professional development
  • Examine and evaluate how organizations can support high potential professionals and advance underrepresented groups into leadership roles
  • Understand structural and perceptual barriers for women and underrepresented groups in networks

Get the skills you need to navigate any future mentoring relationship at Babson and beyond!
Learn more about the CWEL Mentor Programs at bit.ly/CWELmentor. For more information about this course, please contact Valerie Paquette, vpaquette@babson.edu.


Program Overview

Underpinned by Babson’s leading research on mentoring and entrepreneurial leadership development, CWEL offers three one-on-one mentorship programs delivered at critical points in our student’s tenure at Babson.

Each mentoring program takes place over the course of three-five months. We suggest that pairs meet regularly (virtually or in-person) over the duration of the program. The experience is launched with a speed-networking matching session, to facilitate compatibility-based pairings, and closes with a celebratory reception.

Training & Support

In order to ensure that participants are set up for success, an orientation session is offered to both mentors and mentees, delivered in-person or online each fall prior to the program launch.

Throughout the program, participants are invited to take part in an array of CWEL offerings, including monthly virtual CWEL Circles, which bring professionals and students together for candid conversations on topics that support women's leadership development.

Benefits to Students

  • Perspective and inspiration from relatable and professional role-models
  • An individualized approach to developing their own career-readiness skills
  • Applied practice in professional communication, relationship building, and goal-setting
  • Increased professional, academic and social confidence
  • Expanded professional network

Benefits to Mentors

CWEL mentors are women who are committed to making a difference in the lives of the next generation of women leaders. They come from a variety of backgrounds and industries, live either locally or abroad, and have their own unique combination of expertise and networks to share. 

We understand that serving as a mentor is a commitment of valuable time and energy. For that reason, this program is designed as a professional development opportunity for mentors as well as for students.

  • Fresh insights and diverse perspectives on education, industry, and entrepreneurial trends
  • Applied practice in research-backed mentoring strategies that are valuable to leadership progression
  • Access to an extended network of professionals affiliated with the CWEL and an outstanding talent pool of next-generation women


For questions about mentoring or student programs offered through CWEL, please email Valerie Paquette, Director of Programs, Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership.