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CWEL Gender Research

The Diana International Research Institute (DIRI) boasts a lively, supportive, and growing community of scholars who do innovative research on women, gender, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Here we showcase some of the research that has come out from, and been amplified by, DIRI and Babson's Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership (CWEL). 

Pulse Surveys for Women Entrepreneurs

In an effort to better support women entrepreneurs in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Babson's Diana International Research Institute (DIRI) has compiled a series of short (~5 min), confidential, and anonymous surveys, collecting input that will provide a more comprehensive understanding of the business challenges women entrepreneurs are currently facing.

If you are a woman entrepreneur, please consider participating by clicking on the links below and sharing your experiences.

Survey 4: Personal Leadership from Crisis to Opportunity 

In this fourth 5-minute survey, we ask you to share your personal challenges, strategies, and silver-linings.

Survey 3: Stakeholder Management from Crisis to Opportunity 

In this third 5-minute survey, we ask you to share how you are managing key stakeholder relationships, including specific challenges, strategies, and quality of support.

Survey 1: Creating a Pathway from Crisis to Opportunity (Closed)

In this first 5-minute survey, we ask you to share how you are managing the effects of the COVID-19 on your business, the challenges you are facing, where you are getting support, and what you see as opportunities. 

Survey 1 Result Highlights:
Graphic - Pulse Survey1 - Title Image
Graphic - Pulse Survey2 - Revenue Image
Graphic - Pulse Survey3 - Actions Taken
Graphic - Pulse Survey Infographic - Quote1
Graphic - Pulse Survey Infographic - Assistance
Graphic - Pulse Survey Infographic - Quote2-Rent
Graphic - Pulse Survey Infographic - Support
Graphic - Pulse Survey Infographic - Opportunities
Graphic - Pulse Survey - Note

Survey 2: Business Continuation from Crisis to Opportunity (Closed)

In this second 5-minute survey, we ask you to share how you are planning around the financial impact of the COVID19 crisis on your business, including specific challenges, strategies, and future opportunities. 

Research Highlights:

2018/2019 GEM Women's Report

Grid - Gender Research Global 370x200pxlThe 2018/2019 GEM Women's Entrepreneurship Report aims to highlight areas where there are still gaps, challenges, and opportunities in women's entrepreneurship. Read it here.

Gender-Based Impediments Beyond VC

Grid - Gender Research Books 370x200pxlIn a new report, we find gender-biased impediments continue to exist for women entrepreneurs but many find strategies to overcome them. Read more here.

Entrepreneurs Punished for Stereotypically Feminine Behaviors

Grid - Gender Research Stereotypical Behavior 370x200pxlResearch by Assistant Professor Lakshmi Balachandra shows that women entrepreneurs are penalized for exhibiting stereotypically feminine traits. Read more here.

Energy & Empowerment of Women Entrepreneurs

Grid - Gender Research Energy Sector 370x200pxlA literature review: Building the evidence base for women's empowerment and entrepreneurship to improve energy intervention's effectiveness. Read it here.

The Hidden Gender Bias in Accessing Credit

Grid - Gender Research Bank Lending 370x200pxlA report in partnership with Oxfam America looks at the structural barriers and hidden bias in access to credit for women-led businesses. Read the report here.

How Balancing a Career & Motherhood Makes You Better at Both

Grid - Gender Research Balance 370x200pxlA new book co-authored by Babson Professor Danna Greenberg looks at how balancing a career and motherhood makes you better at both. Read about it here.


Additional Research from Babson: