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The Dean's Gender Series:

Presented through the support of the Office of the Undergraduate Dean, the Dean’s Gender Series is an annual event that brings high-profile thought-leaders to our Wellesley campus. The 2019 Dean’s Gender Series featured Jason Rosario, Founder and Executive Producer of The Lives of Men.

Faculty Research:

The CWEL and Babson boast a lively, supportive and growing community of faculty who do innovative research on women and gender, leadership and entrepreneurship. Here we showcase this research in divisions across the College, as well as the Babson Faculty Gender Research gatherings we hold regularly to foster collaboration and mutual support.


Alongside the journey of owning a business, women face unique challenges as they launch and grow. Whether you're looking for retail opportunities or trying to raise a seed round, we look at what's going on in the ecosystem and generate easily digestible content for you to explore. Highlights include:

  • The Gender Investment Gap.
  • Women Entrepreneurs Get Creative Around Fundraising. Read it here >>
  • Entrepreneurs are Punished for Stereotypically Feminine Behaviors in the Pitch Room. Read it here >>
  • To Scale Startups, Female Founders Think Beyond VC. Read it here >>
  • Women Entrepreneurs Underestimate Themselves: What Can We Do About It. Read it here >>
  • To Increase Gender Diversity, We Need to Go Back to School. Read it here >>
  • Three lessons learned in Creating Gender Balanced Entrepreneurship. Read it here >>