Babson entrepreneurs addressing the Global Goals

Institute for Social Innovation

The Institute for Social Innovation (formerly called the Lewis Institute) and Babson Social Innovation Lab helps students and stakeholders to create social, economic, and environmental value simultaneously.

Lewis Institute approach

Our promise is to inspire action for creating social innovation, which we define simply as any activity that advances one or more of the UN Global Goals—the most important unmet economic and societal needs of our time.

We seek to create better outcomes for business and society by reimagining relationships of all kinds and providing experiences and resources to activate changemakers.

Dive deeper.

We extend our impact through our Action Tanks, where we develop deep content and foster smart action around the UN Global Goals.

Babson Youth Impact Lab

Youth entrepreneurship education for middle and high school students, their teachers, and youth development professionals.

Social Sector Impact 

Engaging philanthropic and nonprofit communities to address the pressing changes and disruptions happening in the social sector.

Food Sol

A hub for food entrepreneurs and eaters, helping to grow positive ideas and actions for the food system.

Digital Responsibility 

Exploring how we can use new and emerging technologies to create and scale solutions for addressing the UN Global Goals.


Experimenting together with multisector stakeholders to better address mobility-related dilemmas.