How it Works

Are you ready to venture on?

Customized support in a focused environment. Workspaces to collaborate and experiment. Dedicated faculty advisers. As you work your way through the phases of the Butler Launch Pad, you don’t just get access to tailored resources—you receive the guidance you need to get from Point A to Point B faster.

Regardless of what stage you’re in—ideation or ready to launch—we’ll work with you to advance your business.

Explore Your Opportunities

  • Generate and explore ideas
  • Identify potential challenges
  • Define customer value proposition
  • Test on potential customers
  • Demonstrate market feasibility

Pursue Your Passion

  • Conduct industry and market tests
  • Build your business model
  • Create a plan of execution
  • Work on prototype or minimum viable product
  • Recruit team members
  • Identify operational partners (manufacturing, distribution)

Launch and Grow Your Business

  • Find investors
  • Contact suppliers and customers
  • Refine your team
  • Hold peer-to-peer advising sessions
  • Market products and services
  • Create a revenue stream

Resources We Offer:

  • Mentoring
  • Advising
  • Workspace
  • Self-assessments
  • Seed funding
  • Investor pitch preparation
  • Peer support
  • Focused workshops


Join the program and begin accelerating today! 

International Students

Do you want to get involved in the Butler Launch Pad? Engaging in employment (including self-employment and some entrepreneurial activities) without specific authorization is a serious violation of F-1 student/J-1 exchange visitor immigration status. While many entrepreneurial activities (such as research, feasibility studies, and business planning) are permissible, activities that directly result in income generation are not allowed without the proper authorization. Babson strongly advises all international students to seek independent professional legal advice from an attorney who practices immigration law exclusively (in addition to any other legal counsel) to avoid accidentally engaging in unlawful activities. Contact the Glavin Office of International Education for information about immigration attorneys and for work authorization guidelines.