Summer Catalyst

On Thursday, August 6, join us on Facebook Live for the 2020 Summer Catalyst Showcase and watch the student startup teams present their ventures!



Summer Catalyst is a 10-week virtual program that will build your entrepreneurial skills and knowledge, provide resources, tools, and expert connections, and help you accelerate your business. It shares many similarities with the Summer Venture Program and incorporates many elements like Hot Seat, office hours, and dedicated advisors, but is delivered online.

Summer 2020

Throughout the summer, you will work with your dedicated advisor, learn from expert speakers, engage with your peers, and participate in skill-building workshops, Hot Seat pitching sessions, office hours, and much more. The programming will leverage all of the resources and expertise of the Blank Center.

  • Monday, June 1 - Friday, August 7
  • Core working hours are Monday - Thursday, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
  • Option to earn academic credit

Bob Stringer

Bob Stringer is an active angel investor in startups, a board member and advisor to early-stage companies in five different countries, and an author. Previously, he founded Sherbrooke Capital, LLC. He currently works with a portfolio of early-stage technology, health and wellness, and consumer goods companies as the founder and general partner of Crimson Seed Capital. LinkedIn Profile »

Advisor Team

Eric Braun LinkedIn Profile »

David Chang LinkedIn Profile »

Beth Goldstein Babson Profile »