2021 Doctoral Consortium Goes Virtual

2021 Doctoral Consortium Goes Virtual


The annual BCERC Doctoral Consortium provides Doctoral Students a unique opportunity to interact with experienced researchers in the field of Entrepreneurship.  25 doctoral students that are intending to pursue research and teaching careers will be selected to participate in this program 

During the BCERC Doctoral Consortium you will:

  • Gain insight into current research issues and methodologies in entrepreneurship through intense interaction with the consortium faculty.
  • Meet leading research scholars in the entrepreneurship field and examine and discuss their latest endeavors.
  • Meet and share strategies, challenges and experiences with other participants.

Details of the Conference

The Doctoral Consortium is held during the week of the BCERC conference, starting two days prior to conference sessions. Admitted applicants are expected to attend all Doctoral Consortium sessions and are welcome to attend all BCERC general sessions and events. If you have any questions, please contact the BCERC director Tamara Lamenzo at bcerc@babson.edu.  

Application Process

Applicants should be currently enrolled in a program of doctoral studies with a concentration in entrepreneurship. The consortium is open to doctoral students who have completed approximately two to three years of their PhD program. The ideal candidate will have finished any relevant coursework and be engaged in their dissertation work focused on an issue within entrepreneurship. Applicants will be evaluated based on their academic achievements, including publications and conference presentations. Preference will be given to those who are in the process of formulating a dissertation proposal. When applying, students should be aware that they will be invited to attend only one BCERC Doctoral Consortium during their doctoral studies. We welcome applications from all countries. The Consortium will be conducted in English.

Summary of the 2021 BCERC Doctoral Consortium

The 2021 BCERC Doctoriam Consortium consisted of 26 doctoral students from 12 different countries and was guided by 27 senior scholars in the field of entrepreneurship research.  One of the most exciting products to come out of this year's Doctoral Consortium is their Research Translation Showcase where they have translated their research into practice, policy, or further research. Check out their work»

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