Activating Change

Creating Social and Economic Value in Uncertain Times

Multi-Day Program

This multi-day experiential program integrates Babson's Entrepreneurial Thought & Action┬« methodology with social design principles as a generative way to be in the world. Leaders in the social sector, nonprofits, government, and business develop the critical thinking, entrepreneurial leadership, and personal resources that will enable them to advance their organizations and solve problems in ways that creates expanded and unexpected benefits. The program meets Babson standards for Executive Education, and will offer participants a Babson certificate of completion.

Participants will leave with the tools and ability to:

  • Use language that breaks through jargon to express new ideas and shift paradigms 
  • See and map systems that lead to a shared understanding of reality and priorities 
  • Deeply understand themselves and their organization in their specific context
  • Think critically
  • Know how to unlearn and reframe problems 
  • Recognize patterns and develop insights 
  • Lead a collaborative creative process
  • Design for productive relationships
  • Use design methodologies
  • Create prototypes and integrate feedback
  • Act their way into new thinking, rather than thinking their way into a new way of acting
  • Critique skills that push ideas from inception to practical reality


Half-Day or Full-Day Program

Our Entrepreneurial Thought & Action┬« methodology teaches people to balance action, experimentation, and creativity in order to approach and solve problems, make an impact, navigate uncertainty, and create their futures. Through either a half-day or full-day program, participants learn how to use an entrepreneurial mindset as a tool for creating lasting value for themselves, their organizations, their communities, and beyond. They will also learn our Ideas in Action approach for sourcing actionable next steps.


More Information

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