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    Community Table: Private-Nonprofit Models for Change

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    How can we better scale a social mission, like nutrition insecurity, through private-nonprofit partnership models?How can we better scale a social mission through private-nonprofit partnership models? How can we tap into large markets while addressing pressing problems like nutrition insecurity?Join our conversation on Zoom(Meeting details will be provided in the registration confirmation email.)Join our conversation with Michel Nischan, a four-time James Beard Award-winning chef and dedicated advocate for building a healthier, more sustainable food system.Along with his former business partner, the late actor Paul Newman, Michel founded Wholesome Wave a nonprofit helping to end food insecurity by providing affordable access to fruits and vegetables for low-income Americans. The nonprofit partners with Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), deploying seed funding and co-designing program approaches that work best for their specific community.Rather than relying on philanthropy, grants, or government assistance for the nonprofit sector, Michel launched his commercial food company, Wholesome Crave. This for-profit entity sells responsibly sourced, plant-based soups into the marketplace (whether direct-to-consumer or large-employer facilities like Google). That sends profit dollars into Wholesome Wave, which should help solve the problem of nutrition insecurity at a larger scale. As Nischan told Food & Wine, I believe that the combination of Wholesome Crave and Wholesome Wave will together achieve our goal of good food for all, regardless of income."Moderating this conversation is Louisa Kasdon, founder and CEO of Lets Talk About Food, a Boston-based organization that creates events to engage the public in conversation around our food system. Louisa believes that talking about food leads to action about food. And we couldnt agree with her more.Listen to Louisa's podcast with Michel Nischan, where he talks about food, fairness, and the future.About Community TableWhile Community Table is an opportunity for eaters and entrepreneurs to connect, share, and learn. While currently virtual, the design remains simple: the collective at the "table" drives the conversation. Come make valuable connections, give and take resources, meet food professionals of all kinds, and cook up some great ideas. Find out more >>