Babson College Virtual Youth Summer Programs

Babson College Virtual Youth Summer Programs


The #1 school for entrepreneurship is offering virtual summer programs for your student. Through these rich programs, participants learn how entrepreneurial leadership can have a positive effect on their approach to problem solving and collaboration. Questions? Contact us at 781-239-5727, or email us at

Prototyping Bootcamp

Ages: For rising 7th–9th graders
Dates: August 3–7

The Weissman Foundry, Babson’s design studio, is pleased to offer a five-day, sustainability-focused program that will help move students’ ideas out of their heads and into the physical world.

While working with a team, they will learn how to rapidly design, build, test, and rebuild a prototype. As they learn the basics of prototyping, we’ll assist them in seeking feedback from target users that will help hone their designs, and we’ll introduce students to industry experts to guide them in overcoming challenges.  Learn More »

The Family Entrepreneurship Amplifier Summer Experience

Ages: For families with a rising high school junior or senior (Up to four family members who are at least 14 years old are included in the basic price)
Dates: July 7–30

Babson’s Institute for Family Entrepreneurship is extending this unique learning experience to entrepreneurial families around the world. The Amplifier is informed by research that demonstrates how successful business families are grounded in a unique set of knowledge and skills that are not part of the general curriculum at any other institution of higher learning.

A key outcome of this immersive experience is that students and their families foster the growth of their entrepreneurial legacy by co-creating a shared vision.  Learn More »

Babson Women’s Leadership Academy

Ages: For rising sophomores and juniors in high school
Dates: July 13 to August 4, meeting two days a week over four weeks

Babson’s Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership is pleased to offer this leadership academy, giving students the opportunity to develop their personal leadership strengths and build a plan to reach their goals, while learning foundational leadership and communication skills.

Whether students are interested in running for student council, preparing to get into college, looking for an internship, or seeking to start a business, the academy will give them a framework to map out what they want to achieve and how they can use the skills and network they already have in order to get there.  Learn More »

How to Manage Your Money in College and Beyond

Ages: For students 18 and older
Dates: Wednesdays from July 29 to August 12

These hands-on workshops aim to change the way students think about money. While exploring real-world financial situations, students will hone their problem-solving skills and build lifelong strategies for budgeting, building credit, saving, and more. Participants do not need any financial expertise, and only basic math skills are required.

The workshops are sponsored by the Babson Financial Literacy Project, which seeks to help young adults acquire the necessary knowledge and habits for long-term financial prosperity.  Learn More »