Most entrepreneurs are so passionate about their innovation that they forget or underestimate the challenges of customer acquisition. Often times, selling and go-to-market strategies are afterthoughts. This leads to costly and unpleasant surprises. Also, new product development initiatives in many large companies are “isolated” from the sales function. Consequently valuable customer feedback is missed.

There is a dearth of publicly available knowledge on selling an idea that is still in the making. Existing sales literature is biased towards the notion of having a completely developed product/service before engaging in business (sales) development. This is risky because the outcome of such efforts could be products that do not address real market needs or offerings plagued with slow market adoption.

Utilizing an entrepreneur-friendly sales model, this recorded presentation addresses the following questions:

  • When should I engage prospects?
  • What should be my approach when selling a “work-in-progress”?
  • How should request for discounts on first sales be addressed?
  • How do you get big prospects to take you seriously in spite of your size and credibility gap?

About the Presenter

Vincent “Vini” Onyemah teaches Marketing Management, Business Development, Professional Selling, and Sales Force Management. Prior to joining Babson College, he taught at Boston University and Lagos Business School. He started two companies and worked in industry before pursuing his academic career. Professor Onyemah has over 15 years of practical selling experience, starting when he was twelve years old in Nigeria working for his parents, and including work as independent sales agent in Europe. He has taught and conducted consulting projects in about twenty countries in Africa, Europe, Middle East, Latin America, and North America. He also consults for the IFC/World Bank and teaches in several international Executive Education programs.