Executives around the globe are focused on developing new and existing talent. The value of providing coaching to managers has received a lot of attention over the past 10 years. But how can companies offer coaching without incurring the high cost of hiring executive coaches for every person who needs it? 
One area of coaching that shows great promise is the use of internal expert coaches who provide professional-level coaching to managers within their own organizations. This newer approach develops individuals within the organization who can be trained to provide a more formal approach to coaching. 

This short recorded presentation covers the following key topics:

  • A model for developing the “Coaching Manager Mindset”
  • Ways to coach people effectively using existing talent as coaches 
  • Suggestions on how to implement a coaching program given the existing culture of the organization
  • Benefits of developing an internal coaching capability 
​This recorded presentation provides a preview of a few of the topics covered in Babson Executive Education’s program Coaching Inside the Organization: The Certification Program for Internal Coaches​, beginning on August 3.

About the Presenter

Dr. Joseph R. Weintraub is a Professor of Management and Organizational Behavior at Babson College. An Organizational Psychologist who focuses in the areas of individual and organizational effectiveness, Dr. Weintraub teaches and consults in the areas of leadership development, coaching, team effectiveness, human resources, and performance management. He is the Founder and Faculty Director of the Babson Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork Program. Dr. Weintraub's& work on coaching has received several awards including the “Management Development Paper of the Year” from the Academy of Management and recognition for innovative practices in business education from the Carnegie Foundation. He is the co-author of the books The Coaching Manager: Developing Top Talent in Business and The Coaching Organization: A Strategy for Developing Leaders.