Cloud computing, mobile technologies, big data, consumerization, social media, the internet of things…what does it all mean for your business?

Technology-based products, processes, and services are major drivers of success in established and emerging industries, with technology-enabled innovation offering a path to differentiation and sustainable advantage for many organizations competing in today's highly complex global environment. For established organizations, this presents the daunting challenge of determining whether, when and how to reinvent themselves by developing new processes for an increasingly digital world—all while maintaining existing offerings, operations, and a consistent value proposition.

Based on in-depth interviews with 130 CIOs, VPs, and CTOs in over 70 companies across 10 industries, this short recorded presentation presents a framework that business leaders can use to develop "innovative digital cultures." The session will briefly touch on the following topics:

  • Business Strategy—how must the strategy of the digital function and the larger organization change to enable technology-based innovation?
  • Entrepreneurial Processes—how should the digital organization approach change?
  • Talent Management—what are the talent management requirements for the organization to be successful in a digital world?
  • Metrics—once the journey has begun, how is success measured?
  • Sustaining the Momentum—how do organizations inculcate innovation as a part of their DNA? ​

About the Presenter

Dr. PJ Guinan is an Associate Professor of Information Systems at Babson College. She teaches multi-disciplinary courses in information technology, cross-functional teamwork, organization design, organization change, social media and management strategy. She is the author of an international award-winning book entitled Patterns of Excellence for IS Professionals: An Analysis of Communication Behavior. Most recently her work was featured in Harvard Business Review with the article "What is Your Social Media Strategy?" Dr. Guinan has received three awards for teaching excellence.  Two were from Boston University where she taught prior to joining Babson's faculty. More recently she received the Dean's Award from Babson Executive Education.​​